Al-Eyrani condemns Houthi militia's assassination attempt against Governor of Taiz governorate
Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muammer al-Eryani has condemned with the most powerful terms the assassination attempt by Iran-backed Terrorist Houthi militias against the governor of Taiz governorate Nabil Shamsan.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
AIRBUS announces € 4.2 billion net profits in 2022
The European Company for planes manufacturing (AIRBUS) announced that its net profits in 2022 came to € 4.2 billion, with an increase of 1 percent over 2021.
Argentina wins the 2022 World Cup after defeating France
The Argentine national team was crowned champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after defeating its French counterpart, by penalty shootouts, by four goals to two in the match that brought them together, this evening, Sunday, at Lusail Stadium, after the end of the original and extra time, in a positive tie with three goals for both teams.
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President Hadi follows military advancements in west coastal front

President Hadi follows military advancements made in the western coast

PM applauds military advancements in Sa'ada

VP praises military advancements in al-Baidha

PM commends advancements made by troops in Nehm front

VP applauds troops' advancements in Sa'adah

VP is briefed on military advancements in Al-Jawf province

VP praises troops' advancements in Hajah governorate

VP applauds troops' advancements in Sa'ada province

President Hadi commends troops advancements in Taiz

President Hadi praises advancements by military and local fighters in Taiz fronts.

PM applauds advancements made by troop

Shura Council hails military advancements in Shabwa

President Hadi praises significant advancements gained by armed forces in different flashpoints

VP commends military advancements in Al-Baidha.

VP meets with Chief of Staff

President Hadi urges firm military discipline

VP follows military situations in Al-Baidha governorate

VP urges institutionally military build-up

VP: Political leadership resolve to drive militia out of Taiz

Al-Iryani, media team paid field visit to front-lines positions of troops in Al-Baidha

Bin-Dagher: Successive victories undermine militia's capacities, bring war closer to end

Al-Iryani outlines media coverage plan

VP meets with Charge d' Affairs of British embassy to our country

VP, Higher Education Minister discuss academic progress

VP follows combat operations in Baihan battlefields

President Haid briefed by (Lt Gen) Mohssen on front-lines combat operations

VP, PM discus developments in national arena

VP reviews military actions on the battlefields

PM praises heroic fighting of the troops in al-Baidha

VP discuses combat operations with governor of Hodeida

President Hadi receives GCC's Secretary General

FM chairs virtual meeting with Heads of Yemeni diplomatic missions in Europe

VP urges more efforts to push the militiamen out of Al-Baidha province

FM meets with UAE Ambassador

More efforts need to be made to defeat the militias, says VP

VP holds joint meeting of military command in Marib

President stresses that retaking Taiz urgent priority

VP praises heroic battles have been fought against Iran-backed Houthi militia

VP, Chief of Staff discuss combat operations

VP meets with Al-Jawf's governor

VP conducts phone call to Taiz governor to follow developments

VP praises heroic battles the troops fighting in Aljawf

Minister of Information inspects Al-Jawf Radio Statio

Mujalli: National Military committed to truce, ready to take lead in Hodeidah

VP discuses developments in the capital Sana'a

Tihama Resistance leader briefs President Hadi on locals alignment with the troops

Fierce fighting in Nehm Front,17 militiamen killed

VP urges intensifying efforts to get Hajah cleared of Houthi militiamen

President Hadi convenes meeting of Hodeidah province's senior officials

Cabinet approves dispensing annual salary increments of civil services employees

President Hadi: Signs of victory looming

VP holds a high-profile military meeting

VP meets with mayor of Sana'a, governor of Socotra Archipelagos

President Hadi: Combat operations won't stop until mission accomplished

Cabinet calls for designating Houthi militia a terrorist organization

President Hadi: Combat operations will continue until desired ends realized.

VP reviews military operations with presence of some commanders of Coalition Forces

VP meets with commanders of military zones

Alyemany, British ambassador discuss situations in Yemen

President Hadi: absurd criminal acts by Houthi militia a manifestation of backtrack, ignominy

Info. Minister wraps up a week long field- trips to frontlines

PM: Political leadership keen to wrest Taiz back

President Hadi: Wresting Bayhan districts from Houthi militiamen a step toward retaking all regions

President Haid: Battles must go on to retake the capital, pave the way to establish the Six-provinces Yemeni Federal State

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation discussed

VP meets with Command of Seventh Military Zone.

VP meets with Command of Seventh Military Zone.

Parliament leadership calls on KSA, UAE to bail out Yemen's national economy

VP praises Baihan's military command, local resistance

VP discusses developments in Al-Baidha province

VP meets with Chef of Staff and Command of Arab Coalition Forces in Marib

VP receives British ambassador to our country

Cabinet ensures banking facilities for food commodities importers

President Hadi urges Taiz's senior officials to make their province's interest first

President Hadi presides over preliminary meeting of senior commanders of Ministry of Defense

VP chairs high-profile meeting in Marib

Saudi ambassador: KSA, Coalition member states support Yemeni legitimate government, troops

Saudi ambassador: KSA, Coalition member states support Yemeni legitimate government, troops

VP, PM review Govt's efforts to normalize situations in government-held regions

VP : Houthis are Iran's claws in Yemen and Arab Peninsula

President Hadi presides over a meeting includes his advisers

President Hadi presides over high-profile meeting

VP urges governors to engage themselves in peoples' daily life reality

VP inspects government's troops in Al-Boq'a, Sa'adah

Info. Ministers of Coalition affirm their support for legitimacy in Yemen.

PM: Political leadership a keen seeker for sustainable peace

President Hadi presides over cabinet's extraordinary meeting in Aden

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