President al-Alimi returns to Aden
Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, along with Member of the Council Abdulrahman al-Mahrami, came back to the transitional capital of Aden coming from Saudi Arabia.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
China to issues treasury bonds worth $108 billion
Chin announced that it is going to issue treasury bonds for three-year-term with total cost ¥ 750 billion about $108 billion to support its economy.
Argentina wins the 2022 World Cup after defeating France
The Argentine national team was crowned champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after defeating its French counterpart, by penalty shootouts, by four goals to two in the match that brought them together, this evening, Sunday, at Lusail Stadium, after the end of the original and extra time, in a positive tie with three goals for both teams.
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Anti-coronavirus action-plans discussed in Aden

Action-plans of (DSF) discussed

Local Administration's Action-Plans discussed

Cabinet endorses matrix of action-plans to put the PLC's directives in place

PM, Saudi ambassador discuss reconstruction action-plans

PM, Locowck discus action-plans of joint cooperation

Fatah, KSrelief Center discuss future action-plans to offer humanitarian aid throughout provinces

PM: Education reform a top priority in govt's plans, projects

PM urges devising practical plans to improve health services

Development plans of Yemeni Oil Refinery Co. discussed

PM praises local authority's action in Almaharah governorate

Al-Auqaili details Maj. General al-Zubaidi about Military and Security Committee's action

Shabwa Executive Bureau reviews progress, plans

VP reviews demining plans

Minister of Local Administration, IFRC discuss relief plans in Yemen

Al-Bohssani, US Ambassador discuss counter-terrorism plans in Hadramout

PM chairs meeting focused on counter-terrorism plans

PM urges taking every measure necessary to improve social insurances networks' action

Info. Minister outlines Ministry's media plans

Urbanism and sanitation plans in Marib discussed

Saudi mine action project in Yemen honors its personnel

PresidentHadi participates in global call to action on drugs in New York

VP informed about Cultural Ministry's action

Higher Education plans of 2020-2021 discussd in Aden

COCA launches its emergency action-plan in Aden

Expatriates Committee discusses its plans

Plans of Yemeni diplomatic missions in Europe discussed

SP appeals for urgent int’l action to stop Houthi bloodshed

PM calls for active action to aiding IDPs

Basuhaib discusses with FAO support to government's developmental plans

Saudi mine action project clears 2183 Houthi mines in one week in Yemen

Planning Ministry, organization representatives discuss 2019 plans

Planning and agriculture ministries, FAO discuss promoting agricultural plans

WFP's 2019 plans in Yemen discussed

Headship of Consultation and Conciliation Commission discusses its 2023 action-plan

FM, UNDP's representative discuss program's projects, plans

Info Minister says Houthis continue to employ mosques for their criminal plans

VP says Houthis undermined the country's political and democratic action

Minister of Int’l Cooperation, UNDP discuss assistance plans for Yemen

Yemen Executive Mine Action Center raises awareness of Shabwa people

Geneva Call's plans in Yemen discussed

The Council of Ministers considers economic recovery action-plan

Saudi delegation follows up on basic service development plans in Hadhramout

Fatah, Representative of (IEO) discuss 2019 action-plan

Deputy Minister of Agriculture, FAO discuss joint cooperation action-plan

Khamees says int'l community need to take decisive action against Houthi breaches

Yemen: Mine action program extracts 1500 Houthi-laid landmines in one week

Cabinet approves a number of measures on ministries' plans

Yemen: Saudi mine action program removes 1352 mines in one week

Landmine Action Center launches awareness-raising course in Marib

SPDRY reviews development plans in Hadhramout

The Council of Ministers approves its action-plan of 2021

Hodeidah governor praises Action Against Hunger

Prime Minister follows on plans to deal with cyclone Kyarr

Yemen Saudi mine action program ‘defused 1402 explosives in September’

Yemen, WFP discuss 2019-2020 plans, challenges facing programs

Activist appeals for int'l community action to save Yemeni women from Houthis

Minister of Planning, WB discuss govt's reconstruction plans

Water Minister, FAO officials discuss updating cooperation plans

Yemen denounces Israeli occupation's plans to annex West Bank

Dep. Interior Minister, Hodeidah Security official discuss post-liberation plans

Fatah discusses with ADRA, World Vision their humanitarian plans for next year

Governor of Taiz discusses CARE's plans, inks agreements with Yemen Aid

Parliament's board of leadership deliberates 2020 action-plan

Inaugurating provincial team coordinator for humanitarian action in Marib

Hajjah Dep. Governor follows up on action plan against dengue, malaria

Social Affairs Ministry, UNICEF discuss implementation of National Plan of Action

Prime Minister reviews in international meetings government's development plans

Vice President is acquainted with plans for fighting smuggling, terrorism

Water minister discusses with UNICEF his ministry's plans for the coming year

Planning Minister discusses plan of action, activating the Central Bureau of Statistics

Marib Executive Office discuss 2019 Action-Plan

PM calls on the UN to increase support for govt's plans to ensure food security

Justice Minister emphasizes pan-Arab action against terrorism, organized crime

PM briefed on plans of the Executive Unit for internationally funded projects

Al-Iryani calls for swift international action to avoid catastrophe in Yemen

Health Ministry organizes a workshop to discuss reproductive health plans

Prime Minister: Govt looking forward to active international action to demine Houthis- laid landmines

Info. Minister demands int'l community to take decisive action on Houthis

Aden Security Committee discuss action-plan of campaign to ban, regularize weapon possession

PM orders quick action against dengue fever spike in Taiz

President urges collective action to manage challenges Yemen faced by

The Committee for Developing Mechanism to Tackle Humanitarian Crisis discusses its action-plan

Taiz Governor confirms finalizing plans for normalizing life

Govt demands UN action on Houthi abandoning of crisis alleviation deal

Water Ministry plans to announce new natural protectorates

PM urges redoubling efforts to accomplish power generate projects

VP briefed on diplomatic missions' action

Plans for resuming oil export discussed

Electricity plans to cope with summer time demand for power discussed

General prosecution oversees law-enforcement authorities' action

Marib Dep. Governor discusses with IOM and UNFPA partnership in humanitarian action

Demining plans in Abyan discussed

PM urges bolstering intelligence services' action

Planning Minister discusses with USAID their plans for coming 2 years

Fishery plans, relief activities discussed in Abyan

VP urges active action by Endowments and Guidance Offices

Presidential Council member discusses with Hadhramawt governor security plans

Minister of Interior urges police stations' action

VP discuses action in Immigration and Passports Authority

ESCWA affirms support to sustainable development plans in Yemen

Al-Miklafi meets with EU Ambassador to Yemen

Prime Minister, UNFPA, NPC discuss future plans

PM cites Yemeni government's plans for urban development at UN-Habitat gathering

Foreign Ministry denies allegations on property sale plans in Ethiopia

Yemen: Saudi mine action program extracts 2008 Houthi-laid landmines within days

Ministry of Oil: targeting Safer oil pipeline pumping station criminal, subversive action

Govt calls on the UN to press for collective action to control coronavirus

Central bank plans to take measures to reform situation as much as it can

20 Yemeni organizations call for international action to stop Houthis attacks on civilians in al-Gobah

Asharjabi, FAO discuss action-plan to carry out project to sustain livelihood in Socatra, Hoof, Utoma protectorates

Minister of Health calls for joining efforts to increase humanitarian action in health sector

Arab Parliament: Houthi militia attack on al-Abidia Hospital a war-crime requires international action

FM participates in Yemen's Conference:" Challenges of political solution, humanitarian action, re-establish stability, re-construction"

NCTIHRVA, Mareb governor discuss action plan

Fatah urges International community to stop militia's inference in relief action

Prime Minister discusses with COCA 2023 action-plan

Yemen minister calls for prompt international action to stop Houthi child soldier recruitment

Yemen Emergency Committee discusses plans to confront third wave of covid-19

Al-Sharjabi, UNICEF discuss mechanism of joint action in water and environment projects

Eryani calls for international action toward the crimes of Houthi militia against civilians in Taiz

Al-Eryani: Iran not interested in peace efforts, plans to control Bab al-Mandab

PM urges invigorating Local Administration Ministry

Eryani: Houthi targeting of Abha Airport confirms its continued action as an Iranian tool

Electricity requirements in Hadramout reviewed

Yemen says Aden's armed rebellion requires serious action

Govt. : UAE's recent military action in Socotra Island Unjustified

President Hadi urges military action to retake Hodeida, save its population a humanitarian disaster

Discussions on challenges and risks of humanitarian situation in Marib

PM urges further efforts to reinstate financial, administrative authorities, basic services in Hodeidah

PM receives Director of the UNHCR's Office in Aden

PM, governors discuss basic services

Fatah urges relief campaign for Yemeni people during Ramadan

Baggash appreciates ICRC actions in Yemen

Dep. Premier urges reinstating (SSF) in government-held provinces

High Economic Council reviews economic situations in light of coronavirus implications

President al-Alimi orders securing oil strategic reserves

Minister of Oil inspects oil production in Shabwa

VP meets with members of NAPP

Yemen, Saudi Arabia discuss financial, economic coordination

PM: Govt determined to develop electricity sector

Cooperation between Ministry of Education, WFP discussed

Arrangements to receive first batch of coronavirus vaccines discussed in Aden

Reinvigorate oil businesses in Marib discussed

Prime Minister details President al-Alimi on the government's efforts to manage challenges in different domains

The Emergency Committee approves response protocol to counter potential outbreak of Coronavirus

President Hadi holds high-profile session to discuss developments in national arena

Health Minister WHO representative discuss strengthening health sector

PM presides over Economic Council's meeting

Chief of Staff meets with Commanders of 4th Military Zone

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