President al-Alimi holds meetings with participating presidents in COP 28
Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi held Friday a number of mutual meetings with presidents and delegations participating in Climate Summit COP 28 is being held here.
Bulgarian Environment Minister says climate policy is widely neglected
Bulgaria's Environment and Water Minister Yulian Popov said on Friday in a conference on Bulgarian energy strategy and security that climate policy in the country is widely neglected.
Ukraine's grains exports raise the GDP 5.5%
The Ukrainian Ministry of Economy reported that the Gross Domestic Product (GPD) during the time from January to October this year grew at a ratio of 5.5 percent year on year.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Bin Mubark calls on Intel to press for implementing UNSCR 2216 by Houthi putschist militia

Al-Iryani: Previous talks with putschist militia proved negative

UN report unveils new evidences of Iran arming Houthi putschist militia

President Hadi: Repercussions of Houthi putschist militia's war caused Yemen grave damages

Putschist militias seek to serve Iranian regional agenda, says Al-Mikhlafi

Saudi Arabia denounces Houthi militia's evasive maneuvers to get around of Stockholm's Agreement

Houthis terrorists in terms of thoughts, practices, says ambassador

President Hadi urges fighting in front-lines

VP conducts phone call to Chief of Staff

Govt. condemns Houthi militia's atrocities against Sana'a University's girls

Saba's journalist " Al-Hamzi" sustains injury while covers frontline battles in Al-Baidha

Yemeni parliament demands Int'l to pressure Iran to stop interfering in Yemen

Al-Iryani: the so-called complementary elections a charade will drive the government to reconsider peace track

33 killed, 263 injured due to Houthi militia's 434 breaches of cease-fire truce

President Hadi follows combat operations in Hodeidah

Yemen hands over Arab Institute for Human Rights a dossier of Houthi militia's crimes

Militia's abduction of Sana'a University 's girls unprecedented moral offense, says Minister

Col. Al-Maliki: Houthi militia impedes UN's agencies in Hodeidah province

Al-Iryani warns of Houthis' scheme to dismiss thousands of employees, puts its elements in place

Governor of Marib meets with OCHA delegation

Governor of Lahj, inaugurates Civil Service Office Premises, meets with OCHA

Al-Maliki: Houthi militiamen committed 138 violations in 6 days

Al-Iryani, media team paid field visit to front-lines positions of troops in Al-Baidha

Arab Ambassadors in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry discus situations in Yemen

Arab Coalition keen on protecting civilians, says spokesperson

Militia's harassments against relief organizations must be internationally condemned, says minister

Houthi militia commits 8 thousands of violations against villagers in Hajur of Hajah

High Security Committee condemns Houthi criminal operation targeted Al-Anad Airbase

Foreign Ministry condemns Houthi militia's attack on oil tanker

Houthi militia abducts the Journalist Abdulsalam Addoais

Houthi militia holds back 19 oil ships in the Red Sea

Foreign Ministry: Iran's embassy turned into military operations room

Yemen demands international stance puts down Houthi coup, gets the country out of dark tunnel

President Hadi receives UN's envoy to Yemen

Al-Alimi: Yemenis well aware that Houthi militia exploits their suffering to gain politically

Info. Minister meets with Vice President of German Council on Foreign Relations

Legitimate Govt. welcomes good offices aiming to make peace in accordance with the three terms of references

PM appreciates sacrifices made by Dhamar Province's population

PM hails Beidha tribesmen for confronting Houthi putschists

Yemeni-Bulgarian bilateral ties discussed

Financial amounts for wounded people transferred, says finance minister

Alyemany swears in as Foreign Minister

PM, U.S. Ambassador discuss peace efforts in Aden

PM receives Special Envoy of Sweden to Yemen

Asker: Houthi militia's landmines caused 814 permanent disabilities

Relief aids given out to 1500 families in Al-Dale'a

Above 7 thousand food baskets given out to IDPs in Karish

Bajash receives Lebanese Ambassador to our country

Up to 3552 of Houthi militia's landmines destroyed in Aden

President Hadi receives UN's envoy to Yemen

President Hadi: Houthi came from history's dust as a curse, he'll go as a soil seen off with curses

President Hadi appreciates US efforts to support Yemen

Yemeni-Ethiopian bilateral relations discussed

PM says Al-Anad attack points out existential threat of Houthis

MASAM' pulls out 1396 landmines in March

70% of taxpayers in Taiz in Militia controlled regions, says local official

Government condemns Houthi militia's attacks against Saudi oils tankers in the Red Sea.

"Masam" pulls out 9 thousand landmines last October

VP, Governor of Ibb discus situations in the province

29 violations by Houthi militia in Hodeidah within 24 hours

Army restores outposts from Houthi militants outside Marib

PM applauds military advancements in Sa'ada

Yemeni-Japanese relations discussed

Above 5 thousand landmines planted by Houthi militia in Aljawf destroyed

310 thousand mines pulled out, still 1 million more planted by Houthis, says official

Assa'di meets with President of 37rd UNGA

National Dialogues' outcomes the only solution for Yemenis, says mayor of capital Sana'a

Houthi militiamen kill two little girls western Taiz

Army experts dismantle Houthi landmine network in northern Yemen

374 breaches committed by Houthi militia in Hodeidah killed 31, wounded 256

Arab Parliament brands Houthi militia a terrorist group

Col. Maliki: Houthi militia promotes sectarianism is textbooks

Arab Interior Ministers Council denounces Houthi terrorist attacks on Saudi Arabia

Four children killed, 6 civilians injured by Houthi militiamen' shelling on Atohaytah, Hais

Pensioners to be paid all over the country from tomorrow Thursday on

Saudi Air Defenses intercept ballistic missile fired by Houthi militia toward the Kingdom

Two missiles fired by Houthi militia fell down in unpopulated areas

President Hadi urges firm military discipline

Al-Yemany, U.S. Ambassador discuss peace efforts

Houthi militia messed up with land's and maritime ecosystems, says minister

Al-Ashbi presents his credentials as Non-resident ambassador to Maldives

Yemeni-Indonesian trade relations discussed

Fund-raising campaign to help Yemeni people launched in Poland

Yemeni-Algerian bilateral ties discussed

Three civilians were martyred in Jazan

KSrelief Center rehabilitates 26 children recruited by Houthi militia

Mujalli explores Polish relief aids

Saudi Air Defenses intercept ballistic missile fired by Houthi militia

Yemen's Ambassador contributes to AL's workshop on humanitarian situation

Yemeni-Ethiopian bilateral ties discussed

Yemeni-Ethiopian bilateral ties discussed

Ba-aum participates in the 81st round of GCC's Council of Health Ministers

Electricity shortages in government-held regions in Hodeidah discussed

Chief of Staff : We're approaching victory over Houthi-Imamate militia

Yemeni-Djiboutian bilateral ties discussed

Houthi war devastated developmental gains realized over decades, says minister

UNHCR, IOM will provide 3 thousand of Al-Dale'a's IDPs with relief, shelter aids

Yemeni-Mauritanian aspects of cooperation discussed

Asker, Mujawar discus our country's delegation contribution to 38th round of UNHRC

Ashadadi: Houthi militia's coup proved disastrous for Yemenis

Adoais blames some Lebanese parties for employing their media outlets against Yemen

Engineering teams pull out over one thousand landmines Houthi militia planted in Sa'ada

Yemeni-Kenyan cooperation discussed

Amnesty International: Houthi militia breaches Humanitarian Law, uses hospital in Hodeidah for military purposes

Marib official says Houthis create tragedies and exploit them to their advantage

VP, Eng. Ba-Shareaf discuss merging telecoms networks

University professors in militia controlled regions to be paid 50% of salaries soon

Al-Iryani: Iran employs its tools to target neighboring countries

Govt communicates with Old Sheikh about militias control over property of pro-legality personalities

Yemen's ambassador to Warsaw meets Yemeni students

Yemen's ambassador to Warsaw meets with Yemeni students

Al-Maisari meets with UNICEF's delegation

Al-Malik: Houhi militia has only two options: to relinquish the state's institutions or warfare

Houthi group seeks to impose its convictions by weapons, says ambassador

Government's negotiator team, UN envoy's aides explore trust-building measures in Sweden's consultations

Yemeni-Spanish bilateral ties discussed

Houthi militia denies abductees journalists medicines, food, visits

Seven recruited children return to their families in Marib

Safer warns Houthi militia of messing up with oil-pipeline

Al-Iryani: Militia keeps on systematically spoiling education, recruiting children

Yemeni-Cuban educational cooperation discussed

VP meets with governor of Al-Baidha province

Ambassador Yassin communicates Yemen's Foreign Ministry's statement to French Foreign Ministry

Ambassador Yassin communicates Yemen's Foreign Ministry's statement to French Foreign Ministry

Yemen minister warns of massive disaster as Houthis shell IDPs camps

Yemeni Govt surprised that Arab Coalition blamed for terrorist incidents in Hodeidah

VP, Chief of Staff discuss combat operations

Dep. Premier meets with representatives of the Civil Alliance for Peace, National Reconciliation

Dep. Premier meets with representatives of the Civil Alliance for Peace, National Reconciliation

Yemeni-Polish cooperation discussed

VP applauds troops' advancements in Sa'adah

VP is briefed on military advancements in Al-Jawf province

Saudi Air Defenses shot down two drones launched by Houthi militia toward Khamis Musheit

Army regains outposts from Houthi militants in central Yemen

Two children killed, three more injured by Houthi militia's landmine in Aljawf

Governor of Hodeidah reports to VP about situations in the governorate

Ambassador Maysari confirms government's interest in peace

Assa'di: Houthi militia's shelling re-displaced 2400 IDP families in Marib

Antonio Guterres urges Houthi militia to annul execution verdicts against 4 journalists

Tripartite meeting to coordinate Arab Coalition's efforts in Warsaw

FM meets with Kuwaiti Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior

Yemen Public Health official calls on counterparts to address aid centralization issue

Arab Coalition reiterates commitment to the unity of Yemen, protecting civilians until restoring legitimacy

President Hadi receives German ambassador to our country

President Hadi urges military action to retake Hodeida, save its population a humanitarian disaster

Yemeni-Pakistani bilateral ties discussed

France, Russian condemn Houthi militia firing ballistic missiles against KSA

FM, French Ambassador discuss situations in Yemen

PM: Houthi militia's missile attack on gasoline station aims to spoil peace efforts

Saudi Air Defenses intercept ballistic missile fired by Houth militia toward the Kingdom

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