Ksrelief organizes bazaar for beneficiaries of Youth Empowerment Support in Mahra
The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center organized a marketing bazaar for the beneficiaries of the Youth Empowerment Support Project to improve livelihoods in Al-Mahra Governorate.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
China to issues treasury bonds worth $108 billion
Chin announced that it is going to issue treasury bonds for three-year-term with total cost ¥ 750 billion about $108 billion to support its economy.
Argentina wins the 2022 World Cup after defeating France
The Argentine national team was crowned champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after defeating its French counterpart, by penalty shootouts, by four goals to two in the match that brought them together, this evening, Sunday, at Lusail Stadium, after the end of the original and extra time, in a positive tie with three goals for both teams.
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Jawf Local Authority discusses displaced people's situations

PM informed about the situations in Almaharah governorate

Security situations in Taiz reviewed

Situations of displaced people in Abyan discussed

Azendani, Amir of Jazan discuss Yemeni community situations

VP, Shabwah Governor discuss situations in the province

Taiz governor reports to PM about situations in the governorate

Fatah, Attaher discuss situations in Hodedah province

GCC: situations in Aden must be reinstated

PM discusses security situations in Aden

PM, Al-Bahssani discuss situations in Hudramout

Situations of displaced people in Abyan discussed

Situations of Yemeni laborers in Jordan discussed

PM: Govt very keen to improve Yemeni universities' situations

Dep. Premier, Taiz's governor discuss security situations

Bin Mubarak confers with Gressly over humanitarian situations, Safer Tanker

Governor of Al-Dale'a reports to PM about situations in the governorate

Yemeni citizens' situations in UAE discussed

Al-Masari arrives in Shabwah to inspect situations, services

Hodiedah governor reports to VP about situations

Yemeni community's situations in Bulgaria discussed

Security situations in Lahj, Taiz discussed

Shamsan reports to PM about situations in Taiz

Al-Zandani inspects Yemeni community's situations in Tabuk

Governor of Hodeidah reports to VP about situations in the governorate

Alyemany, Azyani discuss developments of situations in our country

Security situations in Hadramout reviewed

VP discuses re-normalizing situations in Hudramout with the governor

VP follows situations in Hudramout

PM, Hodeidah governor discuss situations in the governorate

Yemen, Canada discuss political, humanitarian situations

PM informed about situations in Hadramout governorate

VP stresses importance of normalizing situations in al-Jawaf

Vice President inspects situations in Sa'ada

Health Minister: Situations are dangerous and require cooperation of all

Minister of Interior discusses Taiz situations with governor

VP, Al-Qawsi discuss situations in the Dhamar province

Security situations, assassinations in Hadramout under discussion

VP discusses situations in Al-Maharah province

Swedish government's envoy to Yemen inspects humanitarian situations in Marib

PM, Aden Acting Governor discuss service, economic situations

VP is briefed on the situations in Ibb province

Yemeni refugees situations in Somalia discussed.

Yemen's Ambassador inspects student's situations in Canada

Service situations in Taiz's Salah discussed

VP, Governor of Ibb discus situations in the province

President, governor discuss situations in Hodeida

Vice President phones Jawf Governor on situations of displaced people

Ambassador in Russia reviews situations in Yemen

Al-Eradah discusses with Mauritanian minister situations of Yemeni students

PM chairs meeting to discuss economic situations

Al-Kamal, Raima Governor discuss humanitarian situations

Almysari, Mahroous discuss situations in Socotra archipelagos

Minister of Human Rights inspects Ethiopian immigrants' situations

Hodeidah governor details OCHA's official on humanitarian situations in Hays distric

Hadhramout Governor briefs VP about situations in the province

Yemen, Turkey discuss situations of Yemeni community

PM, Raymah governor discuss situations of the governorate

Minister of Interior, Socotra's Governor discuss security situations

Hadramout Governor reports to Prime Minister about situations in the governorate

Al-Odhami, Turkish official discuss situations of Yemeni residents

VP follows military situations in Al-Baidha governorate

Chief of Staff discusses with medical committee situations of injured people

Yemen, UN discuss situations of Safir Tanker

Abyan Governor discusses with UN official humanitarian situations in the province

President Hadi was briefed on the developments and situations in Al-Maharah province.

Haidan, Socotra governor discuss security situations

Human rights minister discusses with ICRC situations in Marib

Governor of Hudramout reports to President Hadi about situations in the province

Situations of Hodeida displaced people discussed

Swedish Envoy inspects situations of displaced people in Marib

Minister of State, Polish official discuss political situations

Governor of Socotra reports to VP about situations in the province

Security, military situations in Taiz discussed

Yemen, Cuba discuss situations development

Vice President phones bin Aziz, al-Erada on different situations in Marib

PM, Governor of al-Dale'a discuss basic services situations

Vice President inspects situations in Shabwa

Situations of displaced people in Lahj discussed

FM, his Irish counterpart discuss humanitarian, political situations

Shabwah governor discusses with Swedish Envoy situations in province

VP, Governor of al-Baidha discuss the situations in the governorate

Yemen, Sweden discuss situations in Aden

Al- Maisari, local authority discuss situations in Hadhramout

Vice President phones Bin Adyo on situations in Shabwa

NCIAVHR inspects human rights situations in Shabwa

Presidential Committee addresses security situations in Hadhramout

VP, governor discuss situations in Jawf

Water, environment situations in Hudramout discussed

Yemeni Refugees' situations in Djibouti discussed with UNHCR

Vice President briefed on security situations in Al-Jawf

Social Affairs Minister briefs EU Ambassadors on dire humanitarian situations

GCC's Humanitarian Aids Coordination Office discuss humanitarian situations in Yemen

Situations of media institutions in Aden discussed

Yemen, China discuss situations development

PM, Jawf Governor discuss situations of the province

Abu Elgheit: Yemen situations expose coupists' selfish orientations

President Hadi inspects situations in Hajja and Raima

Hodeida governor discusses with OCHA humanitarian situations

VP calls on Irada on situations in Marib

Al-Amrani discusses with Speaker of Jordan Senate situations in our country

Governor of Hudramout updates President Hadi about situations in the province

PM reports to PLC about economic situations, basic services

Shabwa Governor discusses with UN organizations situations in the province

Displaced people's situations in Mareb after heavy rains discussed

Prime Minister, Mahweet Governor discuss situations in the province

Vice President phones Hadhramout Governor on province's situations

Vice President inspects situations in Mahra

FM discusses with Head of IOM situations of displaced people in Marib

VP is briefed on situations in Sana'a, Dhamar provinces

Al-Hamed, OCHA discuss situations in Abyan

Miftah, UN official inspect DP's situations in Marib

VP discusses military, security situations in Hudramout with officials in charge

FM discusses with UN humanitarian coordinator situations of displaced people

High Economic Council reviews economic situations in light of coronavirus implications

Situations of displaced teachers in Marib discussed

Marib governor reports to P5 ambassadors to Yemen about situations in governorate

VP discusses situations in Al-Maharah, appreciates Saudi fuels donation

Yemen's general Consul in Jeddah, Amir of Tabuk discuss Yemeni community's situations

Prime Minister inspects people situations in Abyan

FM discusses situations in Yemen with Swedish ambassador

Ambassador Nasher reviews Yemen's situations in Havana

President Hadi follows developments of situations in Al-Dhale'a governorate

Al-Sa'adi discusses with UN advisor humanitarian situations in Yemen

VP inspects efforts of regaining order in Jawf, situations in Sa'ada, Raima

Cabinet discusses situations development

VP inspects efforts of regaining order in Jawf, situations in Sa'ada, Raima

Al-Dale'a Governor briefs VP on the situations in the province, extends felicitations on October Revolution

Hodeida governor discusses with UN delegation humanitarian situations

Taiz Deputy Governor discusses with UNICEF humanitarian situations

Parliament Speaker, UK MPs discuss political, humanitarian situations

Vice President, military commanders discuss situations of battlefields

VP, Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff discuss military situations

Vice President asks about situations in Taiz, battlefields in Jawf

PM arrives in Socatra Archipelagoes to inspect the province's situations

PM, Aden Governor discuss urgent plan to renormalize situations in the interim capital

Bafaqih, Mukarram discuss situations of Yemeni residents in Egypt

Bin Mubarak discusses with Saudi Ambassador situations of expatriates

Vice President inspects situations in Sana'a Province

Bin Mubarak confers with Dutch politicians over peace developments, humanitarian situations

Mahrah Security Committee discusses security situations in the province

Yemen, Belgium discuss human rights situations

Council of Ministers discusses the CBY report about monetary situations

French Love Alliance inspects humanitarian situations in Mareb

Sudan pardons Yemeni illegal residents, granting them chance to correct their situations

PM , Chinese Ambassador discus situations in Yemen

AmbassadorShuga'ddin explains Yemen's situations in Austria

Bin Mubarak briefs the EU PSC on political, humanitarian situations in Yemen

Vice President phones Governor of Taiz on military, security situations

Yemeni gov't. blames Houthi militia for worsening humanitarian situations

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