President al-Alimi confirms proceeding with "Economic Resolve" policy
Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi directed on Saturday an important speech to the Yemeni people inside and outside Yemen on Eid al-Adha, congratulating them on this holy ceremony.
Makkah: Authorities says Circumambulation Track ready to receive pilgrims
The General Authority in Charge of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque has stressed the readiness of the Mataf (Circumambulation Track) area to receive pilgrims to the Holy House of God, during this year’s Hajj 1445 AH, amid organizational plans and quality services provided to the guests of God.
China's auto sales rise by 8.3 pct
Car sales in China rose by 8.3 percent year-on-year to reach about 11.5 million units during the first five months of this year.
Euro 2024: Germany thrash Scotland 5-1 in Munich
The German national team began its campaign by thrashing Scotland 5-1 in the showdown that brought them together, at the Allianz Arena Stadium in Munich, in the opening match of the European Nations Cup (Euro 2024) in its 17th edition, which is held in Germany and continues until next July 14.
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Three civilians were martyred in Jazan

Three civilians killed in Houthi shelling in Taiz

Seven civilians killed by Houthi landmines in Hodeida

Houthi-Saleh militias wound 15 civilians in Taiz

Saleh-Houthi militias killed 68 civilians in August, HRITC reports

VP: Military and Securities authorities make protecting civilians top priority

Rights group records 141 Houthi abuses of civilians in one month

Hadi emphasizes ranks unification to protect civilians from Houthis

Three civilians injured by Houthi militia bombed drone's shells

Government urges UN Security Council to condemn Houthi crimes against civilians and designate them a terror group

Foreign Ministry calls upon SC to protect civilians in besieged Al-Abdiah, Marib

Info. Minister condemns Houthi attack on civilians in Marib

Houthi militiamen kill 3, hurt 2 civilians in Taiz

Up to 15 thousand civilians, killed 23 thousand injured since Houthi coup, says report

National Enquiry Commission documents violations that affected civilians in Hays district

MoLAHR condemns Houthi militia's attacks on civilians in Marib, Taiz

Al-Maliki: 9 civilians wounded in Houthi militia's attack on Abha airport

Five civilians killed, 23 injured by Houthi missile attack on residential zone in Marib

Victims of Houthi militia's massacre in Marib increases to 39 civilians

Report: Coldblooded Houthis' crimes against civilians in Taiz in April 2020

Health Ministry calls for hospitalization of wounded and protection of civilians in Aden

UN rights office expresses concern over Houthi attacks on civilians in Yemen's Marib

VP follows Houthi militia's criminal attacks against civilians in al-Boq'a market

Interior Ministry demands civilians to stay at home

Report: 259 violations by Houthi militiamen against civilians in Taiz in one month

Rights Radar demands UN probe into risks of constant Houthi targeted attacks on civilians

Two civilians injured by Houthi militia snipper's bullets eastern Taiz

Houthis killed and injured 2917 civilians in Taiz in 2017, says HRITC

Over 10,000 Houthi violations against civilians in one province in 4 years

CSOs condemn Houthi bombing of civilians' homes in Baydhaa governorate

Two civilians killed by Houthi landmine in Albaidha governorate

Info minister: Houthi jails stuffed with thousands of innocent civilians

Houthi-laid landmine kills, injures 8 civilians in Taiz

YCMHRV condemns Houthi killing and injuring of 20 civilians in Taiz

Houthis killed 59 civilians in Taiz in first half of 2020, says NGO

Assa'di: Houthi militia makes the civilians human shields

CSOs condemn international silence towards Houthi crimes against civilians

New Houthi massacre:9 civilians killed and injured in besieged Taiz

Seven civilians wounded in Houthi ballistic missile attack

Ministry of Human Rights condemns Houthis' crimes against civilians

Houthis continue targeted attacks on civilians across Yemen, says army spokesman

Arab Parliament calls on IC to bear responsibility toward Houthis' terrorist crimes against civilians

Report: Houthi militia forcibly disappeared 2,406 civilians in over 5 years

Four children killed, 6 civilians injured by Houthi militiamen' shelling on Atohaytah, Hais

Within hours from UN Special Envoy’s ceasefire call, Houthis killed 11 civilians: Eryani

Two civilians killed, four injured in Houthi rocket attack on Taiz

Ambassador briefs Moroccan SP on Houthi crimes against Yemen civilians

Report: 180 Houthi abuses of civilians in sixteen days

Three civilians killed, 5 injured by a Houthi landmine

US imposes sanctions on Houthi leaders over targeting civilians

Houthis killed, injured 340 civilians in Marib over 3 years, says NGO

'Houthis exploited Hodeidah truce to commit genocides against civilians'

Eryani condemns Houthi escalation of crimes against civilians in Taiz and Hodeidah

HR office in Hodeidah condemns Houthi crime against civilians from Bajil

Five civilians killed by militia-planted landmine

Houthi landmines kill and injure 20 civilians in one week in Aljawf

Rasd Coalition Report Houthi Crimes against Civilians in Hajour to UN HRC

Yemen reports to UNSC about Houthi ongoing attacks against civilians in Marib, Taiz

GCC Ministerial Council condemns Houthi constant attacks on civilians in Yemen

New Houthi ballistic missile kills, injured 13 civilians in Yemen's Marib

PM: War crimes against Taiz civilians won't be barred by lapse of time

Eryani: The Houthi militia's use of civilians as human shields is a waste of Yemeni blood

14 civilians killed, 5 injured by Houthi missile attack on fuel station in Marib

About 340 violations made against civilians in Yemen during April

About 340 violations made against civilians in Yemen during April

Three documentary films on violations against civilians, activists

Marib governor, CIVIC director discuss training police on treating civilians in conflicts

Asker calls on IC to protect civilians in al-Dhale'a

Yemen political parties condemn Houthi terror attack on Marib civilians

Saleh-Houthi snipers kill three civilians in Taiz

Four civilians killed, six injured by Houthis' missile attack on a market in Shabwa

Two civilians maimed by Houthi landmines in Taiz

Five civilians killed, 22 wounded in Houthi rocket attack on Marib

Five civilians killed, injured as Houthi ballistic missile hits govt-held city

Three civilians killed by Houthi militia landmine in Aljawf

Yemen minister condemns Houthi daily murder of civilians in Taiz

Twelve Taiz civilians killed and injured in Houthi shelling

Yemen condemns terrorist attack against civilians in London

Hodeida governor, RCC's deputy head on Houthi recent crimes against civilians

Houthi militia's violations against civilians in Sana'a, Al-Baidha discussed.

Houthi ballistic missile hits Marib neighborhood, injures four civilians

Yemen welcomes signing of principles to protecting civilians in Sudan

Houthi landmine kills two civilians in Jawf-Marib Road

Rights organization monitored 339 Houthi violation against civilians in June

Fifteen civilians wounded in rebel shelling on Taiz

Report: Houthi militiamen kill, hurt 50 civilians in Marib

EU condemns Houthi militia's attacks on civilians in Saudi Arabia

Al-Eryani: Houthi militia's attacks on Marib caused 344 casualties of civilians

Houthis massacre 17 civilians, HR ministry says int’l community’s silence is suspicious

20 Yemeni organizations call for international action to stop Houthis attacks on civilians in al-Gobah

Three civilians killed, three injured in landmine explosion planted by Houthi militia in Maweyah

Info. Minister condemns Houthi militia's growing crimes against civilians

Report: Houthi militias blamed for 3419 offenses against civilians in Ibb governorate

FM calls humanitarian organizations to rescue civilians in Marib

Report: Houthi militias committed 1134 violations against civilians in 2021

Three civilians injured among them child by Houthis' drone assault in Marib

Houthis kill woman, hurting 11 civilians eastern Taiz

Houthi militia kills two civilians, hurts three more in Aljawf

Governor inspects wounded civilians as a result of Houthi shelling

Eryani calls for int’l pressure on Houthis to lift Taiz siege, stop killing civilians

Mustafa informs Belgium foreign ministry on Houthi crimes against civilians

26 attacks by Houthi militia against civilians in Taiz last year

Protesters rally in Geneva over Saleh-Houthi crimes against civilians

Human Rights Minister: Houthi militia killed, wounded 653 civilians in Hodeidah

NGOs condemn Houthi killing and injuring of civilians in Beidha

Report: 14 thousand violations committed by Houthi militia against civilians in Marib

FM informs US Envoy on Houthi militias' violations against civilians in Marib, Hodeidah

Info Minister calls on int'l community to pressure Houthis to stop systematic targeting of civilians south of Marib

Al-Salami condemns Houthi use of civilians as shields to launch terror

Houthis kill two civilians, hurt two in the city of Taiz

Taiz defenders and civilians wounded by Houthi attacks to receive treatment in India

Yemeni rights org condemns persistent Houthi attack on Taiz civilians

Army spokesman: Houthis go too far in targeting civilians in defiance of int'l community

PM says Houthi attacks on civilians in Marib reveal the criminal nature of the militia

Three civilians killed, including a woman, in Houthi shelling in Beidha

Poland condemns Houthi attack on civilians, IDPs in Marib

NGO: 12636 abductions, enforced disappearances of civilians by Houthis

Houthi-Saleh militias shell Harib Marib houses injuring civilians

Taiz protesters: The UN-brokered truce's become a cover-up for Houthi massacring of civilians

Yemen: Houthi missile attacks kill, injure 35 civilians in Marib

Parliament, rights ministry denounce Houthi rocket attack on civilians

Govt condemns fresh Houthi 'massacre' against civilians in Saada

Over 12 civilians abducted by Houthi-Saleh militias, AMA reveals

Two civilians killed, 2 others injured by Houthi landmine in central Yemen

Houthis attack civilians to spark off public outcry, says Arab Coalition spokesman

Int'l community should bear responsibility toward Taiz civilians: Fatah

HRW: Houthis, Israelis share war-crimes against civilians

Deputy FM says Houthi militia maintain aggression on civilians in Marib

HRW: Houthi laid- mines kill civilians, banning aid

Houthi militias snipers shoot civilians in Taiz for fun during Eid al-Fitr

RASD denounces targeting civilians, activists by Houthis

Houthi militiamen kill 6 civilians, hurt 7 more in Taiz

Human rights, Houthiviolations against civilians discussed

Shura Council condemns execution sentences against three civilians in Houthi militia-controlled regions

Ambassador al-Wuhayshi informs Russian official about Houthi militia crimes against civilians

Terrorist Houthi militia's ballistic missile kills three civilians, hurt others in Marib

Amb. Bin Safa'a briefs Assistant of Kuwaiti FM on Houthi militia's crimes against civilians

Children protest over Houthi massacre against civilians in Yemen's Marib

Taiz: Enquiry commission verifies Houthi abuses against civilians, historical sites

Report: 5143 violations by Houthi militia against civilians in Albaidh

Eryani calls for international action toward the crimes of Houthi militia against civilians in Taiz

Coalition denounces Houthi threat to lives of civilians, relief employees

NCIAVHR makes field investigation on killing civilians in Taiz

Four civilians killed, one injured by Houthi landmines in Hajjah governorate

Rights organization condemns Houthi violations against civilians in Ibb Governorate

Human Rights Office in Taiz condemns Houthi militia's atrocities against civilians

Arab Coalition reiterates commitment to the unity of Yemen, protecting civilians until restoring legitimacy

Report: 2274 civilians killed, 2752 injured by Houthis –laid landmines since 2014

Kuwait condemns Houthi militia's constant attacks on civilians in Saudi Arabia

Amran mass grave signal to Houthi militias' horrific crimes against the civilians

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