Planning Minister, WB Vice President discuss aspects of support for Yemen
Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Wa'id Badhib held talks today, Thursday, with the Vice President of the World Bank (WB) for the Meddile East and North Africa Ferid Belhaj.
Palestinian Presidency warns of the danger of Israeli escalation in Al-Aqsa Mosque
The official spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, warned of the dangerous escalation of the Israeli occupation authorities, in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the attack on citizens in its squares and in the alleys and lanes of the Old City of Al-Quds.
Oil prices rise after reaching initial agreement regarding the US debt ceiling
Oil prices rose in early Asian trade on Monday after US leaders reached a tentative agreement on the government's debt ceiling, which could prevent a catastrophic default in the world's largest economy and oil consumer.
Barcelona crowned as Spanish League champion 4 rounds before conclusion of the “La Liga”
FC Barcelona won the Spanish Football League title, after defeating its neighbor Espanyol by four goals to two, to settle the struggle for the La Liga title, four rounds before the end of the competition.
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President Hadi offers condolences on the Indonesian plane crash

Yemen expresses its condolences to the Republic of India on hanging bridge fall

VP sends condolences on death of two UAE soldiers

Yemen's ambassadors extends condolences on martyrdom of an Emirati solider in Yemen

Yemen expresses its condolences to Pakistan

Al-Menhali offers condolences to the Emirati solider family

FM offers condolences to the ICRC on the causalities of the terrorist attack

President Hadi offers condolences to his Cuban counterpart on the Cuban plane Crash

PM offers condolences to Jordanian counterpart over the victims of Aqaba port

PM offers condolences to his Ethiopian counterpart on the victims of Sana'a lodging fiery

PM offers condolences to the ICRC on the death of some of its staffs in Aden airport terrorist attack

PM offers condolences to his Somalis counterpart on the victims of the terrorist attack

PM offers condolences to Indian counterpart over fall of victims in train crash

FM offers condolences to his Cuban counterpart on the victims of Havana hotel explosion

President Hadi sends cable of condolences to Ethiopian President on the victims of plane crash

Hadi sends condolences on death of two UAE soldiers

Chairman of PLC offers condolences on Queen Elizabeth II death

Yemen expresses deepest condolences to South Korea on the victims of the crowd surge incident

President Hadi sends condolences to family of assassinated cleric

President sends condolences to Egyptian counterpart over terror attacks

Foreign Ministry offers condolences on the Chinese plane crash victims

President Hadi offers condolences to Saudi King over plan crash

Hadi sends condolences on death of police cops in Houthi car bomb

VP arrives in Bahrain to convey condolences on Bahraini PM’s death

President Hadi in Kuwait for condolences on emir's death

Yemen's Ambassador in South Africa extends condolences on the two experts' death

President and members of PLC offer condolences on the death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed

Hadi receives condolences from Fahd bin Turki over al-Zindani's death

Yemen expresses sympathy with Egypt over a bus accident in a water canal

President Hadi condoles UAE leadership on martyrdom of two pilots

Pres. condoles Saudi king on death of prince Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz

Hadicondoles UAE leadership on martyrdom of Emirati soldier

Yemen condoles Turkey for victims of forest fires

PM condoles his British counterpart Theresa May

President Hadi condoles King Salman

VP conducts phone call to General Chief of Staff

Hadi condoles US counterpart over Texas shooting

Yemeni govt condoles UAE leadership on martyrdom of 4 Emirati soldiers

United States and Britain denounce Houthi escalation in Taiz, Marib and Shabwa

US, UK denounce Houthi militia's escalation in Taiz, Marib, Shabwah

President Hadi consoles his Egyptian counterpart on the victims of terror attack on Mosque Sinia

President condoles UAE leadership on four soldiers' death in Yemen

Yemen expresses solidarity with Sudan over flood-victim

Yemen expresses solidarity with Lebanon over Beirut blast

Hadi condoles Iraqi counterpart for loss of lives in ferry incident

Yemen expresses sympathy with Afghanistan

VP condoles family of military officer who died of torture in Houthi jails

Aden terror attack continues to draw worldwide condemnations

Hadi condoles relatives of officerskilled in Houthi terror attack

Yemen voices solidarity after Beirut explosion

Yemen condoles Turkey on victims of mine explosion

Pres. condoles Saudi crown prince Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz's death

Hadi condoles King Salman on death of Prince Talal

Yemen condemns the terrorist attack in the Somali capital

VP condoles family of military graduate killed in Aden

Yemen denounces Seri Lanka terrorist bombings

Yemen denounces Mogadishu terrorist attack

President Hadicondoles AL secretary general on his deputy's death

President Hadi: Everybody must fight Houthi militiamen

Yemen denounces terrorist attack near Russian embassy in Kabul

Yemen denounces Pakistan terror attack

PM condoles family of martyrd reporter Musaabi

Yemen condemns terrorist attack on transport vehicles in Somalia

Yemen condemns tragic attack of Las Vegas

PM receives families of several people killed Aden airport terrorist attack

Yemen condemns terrorist attack norther Sinai

Yemen condemns the terrorist attack that targeted the UN mission in the Congo

Foreign Ministry condemns terrorist attack in Cairo

GCC Secretary-General condemns attack on Marib mosque

Yemen condemns van attack in Toronto

Yemen condemns terrorist attack on an a hotel in Mogadishu

Yemen condemns terrorist bombing targeted the down town of Istanbul

PM phones General Chief of Staff

Yemen denounces terror attacks in France and Canada

UN Chief condemns Wednesday’s attack on Yemen airport

President Hadi receives a letter from Djiboutian President

Yemen condemns terrorist bombing in the Somali city of Jowhar

Info. Minister condoles the family of journalist Houthis killed in Taiz

VP condolesSaudi Crown Prince on death of Prince Talal

Yemen denounces terrorist attack on Djibouti army

VP and Chief of Staff review progress in the battlefield

Egypt condemns attack on Marib mosque

VP orders quick investigation into assassination of Dr. Al-Baqama

Al-Bahssani condemns the terrorist crime against worshipers at Azyar mosque on Friday

Minister of Health visits the HQ of the ICRC in Genbeva

Yemen condemns terrorist attack in Sinai

President condoles Saudi leadersand family of martyred Saudi pilot

دFM denounces killing Palestinian female Journalist Sherin Abu Aqelah​

President, deputy condole relatives of assassinated resistance official in Aden

PM orders prompt investigation into assasination of Aden education official

Hadi: Houthi terror attacks won't prevent gov't from exercising its mission in Aden

Yemen condemns terror attack on Egyptian security checkpoint

Bin Mubark receives phone call from the Martin Griffiths

Yemen condemns terrorist bombing in London

Organization of Islamic Cooperation condemns Houthi terror attack on Al-Anad

Deputy Premier gets familiar with ICRC

Yemen condemns terrorist attack in Egypt's Giza

Kuwait condemns criminal Aden's criminal attack

Yemen denounces terror attack on Russia

Hadhramout deputy visits soldiers wounded in terror attack

Egypt denounces Houthi militia attacks on populated neighborhoods in Marib

Blood of martyrs won't go in vain, President tells family of fallen general

Yemen denounces Barcelona crash

Yemen denounces Egypt's terrorist attack

Governor gives President an account on impact of Taiz floodwater

President condoles Abyan governor on fall of soldiers in terror attack

President Hadicondoles Lebanon's Aoun over death of ICRC Lebanese employee Lahoud

Yemen denounces Iran's shelling on Kurdistan Iraq

Yemen condemns West Algeria's terror attack

Yemen denounces terrorist attack on worshipers in New Zealand

Yemen condemns terror attack in Pakistan

FM says gov't is for peace that addresses the roots of the problem

Yemen denounces Jordan's terrorist attack

Yemen Govt condemns Manhattan terrorist attack

Deputy Civil Service Minister condolesICRC chief

PM expresses Yemen's solidarity with Austria over Vienna terrorist attacks

Aden's terrorist attack denounced by many Arab countries

Yemen denounces terror attack in France

President Hadi: Yemeni and Emirati blood mixed in the fields of honor

FM praises the ICIR's humanitarian actions in Yemen

President Hadi orders probe into assassination attempt targeted Aden Governor, Agriculture Minister

Arab parliament condemns attack on convoy of Aden Governor and Minister of Agriculture

Yemen condemns truck attack in Sweden

Yemen denounces Kabul terror attack

Arab Parliament denounces Houthi militia's massacre in Marib

Yemen condemns terrorist attack in Nairobi

PM condemns assassination attempt against his Ethiopian counterpart

Yemen condemns Mogadishu terror bombings

Yemen condemns Egypt bombings

Yemen denounces Almenya's terror attack in Egypt

PM condoles Saudi Crown Prince on death of Saudi pilot in Yemen

Defense Minister, U.S. Military Attaché discuss efforts to counter terrorism

President al-Alimi orders immediate investigations into the attack against journalists Saber al-Haidari, his colleagues

Political parties alliance condemns Aden terrorist attack

Yemen condemns terrorist attack on Alexandria' security chief

President al-Alimi receives al-Ahmar family

Vice President meets with UK Ambassador

President Hadi meets Sudanese counterpart

Yemen condemns terrorist attack in Somalia central province

Government delegation condoles the father of the slaughtered family

Yemen denounces Mogadishu terrorist attacks

Yemen denounces terrorist attack targeted Tunisian guard patrol

Ministry of Fishery mourns 6 Yemeni fishermen passed away in Arabian Sea

Yemen denounces Quetta blast

Prime Minister appreciates MASAM's role rescuing lives of Yemeni citizens

FM confers with British Ambassador over peace efforts in Yemen

Foreign Ministry condemns Houthi bombing of civilian objects in southern Saudi Arabia

VP inspects Houthi attack on Marib's mosque

President praises victories achieved by national army

President Hadi follows developments of situations in Al-Dhale'a governorate

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