President al-Alimi convenes high-profile meeting includes Speakers of Parliament, Shura Council
His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, has put emphasize on the leading role of the legislative institution with its two chambers the Parliament and Shura Council in bolstering the united ranks around the Yemenis' major goal of restoring the State's institutions, eliminating the Iranian-regime backed Houthi militias' coup.
Palestinian Presidency warns of the danger of Israeli escalation in Al-Aqsa Mosque
The official spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, warned of the dangerous escalation of the Israeli occupation authorities, in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the attack on citizens in its squares and in the alleys and lanes of the Old City of Al-Quds.
Chinese Central Bank injects 125 billion yuan into the financial market
The People's Bank of China (the central bank) on Monday injected funds into the financial market with a total amount of 125 billion yuan (17.93 billion US dollars) through medium-term lending facilities (MLF) and reverse repo operations.
Barcelona crowned as Spanish League champion 4 rounds before conclusion of the “La Liga”
FC Barcelona won the Spanish Football League title, after defeating its neighbor Espanyol by four goals to two, to settle the struggle for the La Liga title, four rounds before the end of the competition.
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Hodeidah Governor inaugurates relief aid for Hodeidah displacees in Aden.

Hodeidah governor inspects IDPs in Aden

More than 188,000 Hodeidah people benefit from KSrelief aid since 15 June

Al-Qadeemi, UNHCR discuss protecting Hodeidah IDPs

Army controls al-Dureihimi, gets nearer to Hodeidah airport

KSrelief Center provides Hodeidah's Health Office with 70 tons of medicines

Ministry of Fishery to provide Hodeidah fishermen with 100 boats

Houthi militia detain UN mission in Hodeidah

An agreement signed to carry out a project of enhancing peasants' livelihood in Hodeidah

374 breaches committed by Houthi militia in Hodeidah killed 31, wounded 256

Chief of Staff follows up on Hodeidah developments

Houthis loot relief aid supplies bound for Durayhmidistrict in Hodeidah

Fatah appreciates Arab Coalition's continued relief aid to Hodeidah

Army advances toward Hodeidah main university

Hodeidah governor, Muslim Hands sign pact for Durayhimi food aid

Massive protest decries crimes of terrorist Houthi militia in Hodeidah

Hodeidah governor details OCHA's official on humanitarian situations in Hays distric

Dhali'a, Hodeidah officials inspect distribution of food aid to Hodeidahdisplacees

EPA launches anti-coronavirus drive in Hodeidah

KSrelief distributes food packs in Hodeidah, Marib

Taher, Balfakeeh discuss relief aid efforts in Hodeidah

29 violations by Houthi militia in Hodeidah within 24 hours

Army controls Hodeidah-Sana'a highway

Hodeidah University launches faculty of education in Khawkha district

Bin Mubark asks Kroslak to name the spoilers of Hodeidah agreement

President Hadi appreciates Hodeidah populations' sacrifices

Hodeidah's governor explores support for the provinces IDP in Aden

KSrelief distributes relief aid in Hodeidah

SJC appoints Head of al-Khokh Primary Court in Hodeidah

PM, Hodeidah governor discuss situations in the governorate

Chief of Justice, Hodeidah governor discuss revive judicial services

Houthi militiamen kill 4-year- boy in Hodeidah, one day later of UNMHA's Head visit

Hodeidah governor explores ICRC's humanitarian interventions

Hodeidah governor explores ICRC's humanitarian interventions

Al-Eryani condemns Houthi militia's attack on a market in Hodeidah

VP follows up on Taiz and Hodeidah suffering under Houthis

Governor of Hodeidah holds meeting in Attohyqatah district

Hodeidah Governor, WFP, OCHA discuss sustainable projects support

Arrangements for Hodeidah's IDS students' exams discussed

Hodeidah: Houthis kill,injure family and, in double tap shelling, helpers

Seventy six victims of Houthi breaches since Hodeidah ceasefire started

Military commander: Giants Brigades in full control of Hodeidah airport

Four children wounded in landmine explosion planted by Houthi militia in Hodeidah

Hodeidah local authority mourns Director of Political Security

ERC delivers aid to liberated parts of Hodeidah

Stubborn Houthis violate UN-sponsored ceasefire, destroy Hodeidah houses

Dep. Interior Minister, Hodeidah Security official discuss post-liberation plans

Scores of Houthi rebel fighters surrender to army in Hodeidah

Governor of Hodeidah reports to VP about situations in the governorate

VP, Hodeidah Governor discuss developments in the governorate

HR office in Hodeidah condemns Houthi crime against civilians from Bajil

KSrelief Center distributes 12 tons of food baskets to Hodeidah's IDPs in Aden

Hodeidah Security Committee prepares plan to receive recruits

One child killed, his brother injured by Houthi militias' unexploded projectile in Hodeidah

Taher, Emirati Red Crescent inaugurate water project in Hodeidah

Security issues in liberated parts of Al-Hodeidah discussed in a meeting

FM stresses imperative of timetabled redeployment in Hodeidah

Hodeidah governor, Khowkha officials discuss 2021 plan

Dep. FM meets head of Redeployment Coordination Committee in Hodeidah

Govt's team discusses in Amman Hodeidah's revenues

Al-Iryani condemns Houthi militia for demolishing Assokhna historical palace in Hodeidah

Hadi says Hodeidah deal puts UN, international community to test

Eleven civilian casualties by Houthi shellson Hodeidah neighborhoods

VP breifed on the developments in Hodeidah governorate

Govt pays salaries of pubic employees in liberated parts of Hodeidah

Hodeidah governor, Solidarités International sign new project agreements

Interior Minister meets Vice-Chair of UN Redeployment Committee in Hodeidah

Governors, UN's Lowcock discuss situation of Hodeidah IDPs

Houthi ballistic missile kills child, injures dozens others in Hodeidah

Houthis breach UN-sponsored truce 24 times in Hodeidah, army POCsay

Armed forces surround tens of Houthi snipers in Hodeidah

Fatah denounces Houthi militia's attack on Wheat Stores in Hodeidah

Fatah denounces Houthi militia's attack on Wheat Stores in Hodeidah

FM, UNMHA mission discuss activities in support of the Hodeidah Agreement

Turkish Red Crescent distributes 500 food packs to Hodeidah displacees

King Salman Center continues water, sanitation project in Sana'a, Hodeidah

Govt condemns Houthis for plundering oil imports fees from CBY in Hodeidah

President Hadi convenes meeting of Hodeidah province's senior officials

KSrelief hands out food aid to Hodeidah displacees

Hodeidah governor praises Action Against Hunger

KSrelief continues to implement water, env. hygiene programs for Hodeidah, Hajjah

Electricity shortages in government-held regions in Hodeidah discussed

Twenty five Saudi aid-laden trucks cross border en route to Yemen's Hodeidah

'We accepted Hodeidah deal to save civilian lives', says Hadi

Saudi humanitarian airlift for Hodeidah launches first flights

Armed Forces keep on offensive to retake port city of Hodeidah

Yemen's Government surprised over British Jeremy Hunt's statement on Hodeidah

KSrelief hands out food aid to Hodeidah displacees

Government official disapproves news about Houthi militia withdrawal from Hodeidah seaport

Govt wants Houthis to fulfill their part in Hodeidah deal first before any new talks

Army foils Houthi infiltration in Hodeidah

Governor of Hodeidah launches Kuwaiti boats grant to fishermen

Emirati aids convoys arrive in Makha en route to Hodeidah

KSreliefdistributes food aid to Hodeidah displacees

KSreliefdistributes food aid to Hodeidah displacees

Hodeidah official updates VP on militia violations

KSrelief Center delivers 240 tons of medicines in Taiz, Hodeidah

Army extracts hundreds of landmines near Hodeidah city

President Hadi follows combat operations in Hodeidah

SOUL launches malnutrition fighting in Taiz and Hodeidah

Al-Eryani: liberation of Hodeidah airport a positive sign for city and seaport

PM orders provision of relief aid to flood affected people in Hodeidah

Govt: All means to drive Houthis out of Hodeidah peacefully exhausted

Fatah condemns Houthi obstruction of ICRC's teams' entry into Hodeidah

KSrelief launches camp for IDPs south of Hodeidah

Mujalli: National Military committed to truce, ready to take lead in Hodeidah

Hodeidah people's suffering to continue as rebels use them human shields: al-Eryani

Hodeidah deal 'at risk of collapse'because of Houthi excesses

KSrelief continues to implement water, env. hygiene programs for Hodeidah

Hodeidah liberation will alleviate humanitarian crisis, says info minister

Finance Minister, Hodeidah Governor discuss collection of revenues from liberated areas

VP discusses Taiz and Hodeidah liberation with provincial officials separately

VP discusses Taiz and Hodeidah liberation with provincial officials separately

KSrelief continues to implement water, environmental hygiene projects in Hodeidah

KSrelieflaunches aid distribution in Aljawf and Hodeidah provinces

Army takes full control of Hodeidah airport, says commander

Local Administration Minister discusses with Hodeidah Governor the humanitarian situation

Kuwaiti Red Crescent provides 10,000 food packs to Hodeidah

VP informed about developments in Hodeidah governorate

Eryani condemns Houthi escalation of crimes against civilians in Taiz and Hodeidah

Health Minister inaugurates distribution of ambulances to Aden, Taiz, Hodeidah

Six people in Tiaz, four in Hodeidah injured by Houthi militia's rockets

KSrelief provides drip irrigation networks to farmers in Hodeidah, Taiz

Hadi follows up on army's advances in Hodeidah

Houthis' drones attack on mosque kill one civilian, hurt three in Hodeidah

Yemen submits statement to UN's official about Houthis withdrawal from Hodeidah's seaports

MASAM extracts 21,784 Houthi-laid landmines in Marib, Hodeidah

MASAM extracts 21,784 Houthi-laid landmines in Marib, Hodeidah

KSrelief Center Taiz, Hodeidah with 196 tons of dialysis medical stuffs, medicines

Asker: we had to go to military confrontation in Hodeidah after we exhausted diplomatic approaches.

FM says UN Hodeidah mission is beholden to Houthis, ‘not acceptable’

Arab Coalition announces targeting site for assembling booby-trapped boats in Hodeidah

Houthi announcement of privileges for Hodeidah imports belies their blockade claims, says Eryani

MPs condemn Houthi confiscation of humanitarian supplies in Hodeidah port

Rights Radar calls on UN to end IDPs suffering, investigate Hodeidah prison attacks

Arab Coalition forces foil terrorist operation by Houthi militia off the coast of Hodeidah

Houthis use Hodeidah to threaten international shipping, says ambassador

Kuwait by Your Side Campaign starts relieving Hodeidah's IDPs

Alyemany, French Ambassador discus UN good offices about Hodeidah

Social Affairs Minister, Hodeidah governor discuss humanitarian suffering

KSrelief continues water and environmental hygiene projects in Sana'a, Hodeidah

Military spokesperson: Houthi terrorist militia continues shelling residential zones in Marib, Taiz, Hodeidah

Government: no restrictions, old or new, on import of fuel through Hodeidah seaport

KSrelief Center signs two programs to provided Hodeidah's IDPs with health services, food

KSrelief Center signs 5 agreements to carry out projects in Hajjah, Hodeidah governorates

'Houthis exploited Hodeidah truce to commit genocides against civilians'

PM urges further efforts to reinstate financial, administrative authorities, basic services in Hodeidah

Amnesty International: Houthi militia breaches Humanitarian Law, uses hospital in Hodeidah for military purposes

Al-Iryani voices disagreements with British officials' statements about Hodeidah's recent events

Arab Coalition hits Houthi bomb-laden boats in Hodeidah

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