Leadership Council member Tariq Saleh observes Eid prayers with the masses in Khowkha
Member of the Presidential Leadership Council Tariq Saleh observed the Eid al-Adha prayers with the public masses in Kahwkha city Hodeidah Governorate today.
Arab League calls for concerted efforts to confront drought and desertification
The Arab League called for the concerted Arab efforts to confront the phenomenon of drought and desertification, as it is one of the most fragile regions of the world in terms of its ecosystem, and 90 percent of its area is designated as dry and extremely dry areas.
Korean ICT exports jump more than 30 percent
South Korea's exports of ICT products jumped more than 30 percent in May thanks to strong global demand.
Bellingham leads England to victory over Serbia in Euro 2024
The English national team defeated its Serbian counterpart with a goal without a response in the match that brought them together in the first round of the third group competitions of the Euro 2024, which is hosted by Germany.
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PM: Yemen one of the countries inspired by Egypt's nationalist revolution

Yemen Civil Service Ministry declares Sunday holiday on Revolution Day

Minister al-Ruaini: 11 February Revolution protected Yemen against plots

President congratulates Egyptian counterpart on 23 July Revolution

Marib governor: the 26th of September revolution a significant turning point in Yemen's history

Yemen army lights Torch of Revolution near theocrats-held Sana'a

Hadi congratulates Al-Sisi on Egyptian Revolution Day

Yemen commemorates Day of Revolution against theocratic tyrants

Aden celebrates the 55th Anniversary of October Revolution

Hadi receives congrats cable from King Salman on 26 September Revolution Day

Taiz holds celebration on the ceremony of 26th of September Revolution

President Hadi congratulates Egyptian counterpart on 23 July Revolution

PM receives congratulations on 26th September Revolution

Yemeni officials congratulate Egyptian counterparts on July 23 revolution

Yemen celebrates the 55th anniversary of 26 Sep. Revolution

Sultan al-Erada: Houthi militias' war has proved the greatness of September Revolution

Yemen parties congratulate Hadi, nation on 26th September Revolution

Hadi hails Sabais' sacrifices in defending the revolution and the republic

President al-Alim congratulates Cuban President on the Cuban Revolution Day

President of Leadership Council receives congratulations from Saudi leadership on revolution anniversary

Vice President attends 14th of October Revolution ceremony in Mareb

President Hadi receives cables of congratulation from Custodian of the two Holly Mosques, Crown Prince on 26 September revolution

President Hadi receives cables of congratulation from Saudi Monarch, Crown Prince on the 56 Anniversary 26 September Revolution

President Hadi addresses the nation on the 7th Anniversary of February 11 Revolution

President Hadi: We reiterate adherence to the Yemeni Revolution's principles

Leadership Council chairman congratulates President El-Sisi on July Revolution anniversary

Yemen Celebrates the 54th Anniversary of October Revolution

Al-Alimi: 26 September revolution was not directed only against the backward regime, but was for the sake of life and dignity

Yemen, Algeria discuss 2011 revolution, Houthi-Saleh's coup

Yemenis celebrate the September revolution and renew the pledge to end the Houthi coup

Al-Dale'a Governor briefs VP on the situations in the province, extends felicitations on October Revolution

President Hadi praises patriotic roles of Marib people in defending the revolution

Shabwa opted to development, construction, says governor

Houthi's coup produced chaos, war, destruction, says Ambassador Al-Ashbi

Chinese Ambassador reiterates his country's support for political solution in Yemen based on the three terms of reference

Houthi militia won’t halt crimes against Yemenis until the flag is hoisted all over Yemen

President receives congratulations from King Salman

Governor Erada: Marib will continue to be stage for regaining state, protect republic

Imamite was behind the Yemeni people's backwardness, says info minister

Govt-held Yemen prepare for 26th September anniversary celebrations

Yemen celebrates 34th National Day anniversary amid efforts to realize peace

Coup process has gone too far in blatancy, Hadi says

Al-Erada attends the ceremony of the 26th of September Torch lit

Houthi death sentences against oppositionists imitate Iran's post 1979 verdicts, says minister

Defense Minister praises Egyptian support for Yemen

Yemen Govt calls on UN Security Council to extend arms embargo on Iran

Houthi-Imamate notion needs to be eliminated, say intellectuals

President al-Alimi calls for national integration, confirms support to Palestini people

President Hadi congratulates President Al-Sisi on the 47th Anniversary of October Great Victory

President: Our people in the southern provinces will maintain their Yemeni nationality

Taiz political parties renew loyalty to state headed by President Hadi

VP inspects government's troops in Al-Boq'a, Sa'adah

Malaysia: Yemen Forum organizes seminar about Egypt's support to Yemeni revolutions

VP arrives in Marib to follow up on 14th October celebrations

Ministry of Civil Service declares Wednesday an official holiday

Hadi receives congratulations from Palestinian counterpart on 26 September

Shoura Council rejects Houthi "Functional Approach Code"

Martyrs Families Office start paying salariesin Aden

Hadi receives congrats cable from Saudi Crown Prince

Hadi says 14th October jubilee commemorates a history

Army to continue defending the nation's sovereignty, Chief of Staff says

New cadets graduate from Marib Higher Institute for Health Sciences

Taiz University launches conference on technology and sciences

PM chairs an expanded meeting of the Defense Ministry's leadership in Aden

Houthis entrench hate into the minds of young generations, intellectuals warn

VP calls Jawf governor on military situation

President: Houthi militias, its allies use 'Gaza Issue' to serve Iranian interests, agendas

Yemen's Premier: We face Persian project targeting Arab Region

President al-Alimi receives congratulation cable from King Salman, Crown Prince

Yemen Socialist Party calls on Yemenis to stand united to end Houthi coup

Sana'a mayor: Houthis are destroying Yemen's identity and social fabric

Yemenis will not forget Egyptian army's support

Yemen's Bin Daghr: the coup couldn't topple the republic

VP conducts phone call to Marib governor

Era of Al-Qaeda and ISIL gone forever, PM says

President Hadi: NDC's outcomes are the only solution for Yemen's future

Era of Al-Qaeda and ISIL gone forever, PM says

Al-Iryani warns of Iranian attempts to blur the Yemeni identity

PM: We need to rebuild the state the Saleh-Houthi destroyed

VP praises US success in hunting terror figureheads

The Third Conference on Information Technology kicked off in Malaysia

Leadership Council Chairman calls on militias to learn September lessons, abandon unviable project

PM lays foundation stone for projects in Abyan

Defense Minister stresses imperative of intensified rebuilding of armed forces

President al-Alimi confirms commitment to improve Aden

Peace not in coupist forces' or Iran's favour , Saudi Arriyadh daily says

Info Minister condemns Houthi bombardment of Taiz, UN silence

Taiz Governor takes care of families of martyrs

Culture Minister lauds Egypt support to Yemeni Govt

SP praises Yemeni-Chinese relations

Badi refutes defining time for signing agreement with"Transitional Council"

Marib Governor receives Kuwaiti Charitable Society's delegation

President phones Marib Governor on latest developments

PM says elites have to rescue Yemen from Saleh-Houthi coup

YEMAC destroys jet-bombs in Shabwa

PM, al-Arada discuss security, service projects in Mareb

Al-Eradah discusses with Chief of Staff latest field developments

Al-Eradah discusses with Chief of Staff latest field developments

Al-Erada receives Secretary General of Arab Scout Organization

Gov't demands Houthi terror designation after terror strike on National Day commemorators

Yemeni government condemns Iranian regime's attack on Kurdistan region in Iraq

Human Rights calls Intl. Community to take serious action against Houthi crimes

VP: Breaking covenants a habitual characteristic of the Houthis

VP urges more efforts to operate health services

Info Minister: 21st September 2014 the black day in Yemen's modern history

Several people sustained critical injuries in ballistic missile attack on school: Army spokesman

Al-Arada performs Eid al-Adha prayers with the masses, receives well-wishers

Hadi calls for an urgent enforcement of the Riyadh Agreement to counter common Houthi threat

Yemen youth uprising was not a luxury: FM tells Arab diplomats in Delhi

Yemen youth uprising was not a luxury: FM tells Arab diplomats in Delhi

VP follows up on field developments

President Hadi: Aden remains symbol of civility, icon of coexistence and peace

Yemen VP congratulates Saudi Crown Prince on KSA's National Day

President Hadi calls GPC leaders for integration for facing coup, restoring the state

PM: Proceeding toward defeating the coup d'état

No way to lassitude in struggle against enemies of people, says Hadi

Yemen welcomes new US approach toward Iran

Al-Eryani calls upon international community to listen to people in Houthi areas

VP, Minister of Information discuss official media actions

President al-Alimi visits Egyptian Parliament, calls for Arab parliamentarian support for restoring state

President Hadi affirms the depth of strategic relations between Yemen and the US

Yemen won't be fine as long as terrorist militias continue to kill & besiege our people, says Hadi

Chinese Ambassador says Sino-Yemeni friendship relations have long history

PM: Citizens need to help controlling chaos and coup

Vice President stresses unifying national front against Houthi coup

Al-Yamani hails US measures for facing Iranian threat in Yemen, region

Yemen, Korea discuss coordinating positions in international forums

Houthi regulations of media a civilizational regression, says info minister

President al-Alimi calls for general reconciliation in Aljawf governorate

Erada and Bin Nahid lay foundation stone for completing Marib International Airport project

President Hadi praises advancements by military and local fighters in Taiz fronts.

PM, Chinese ambassador discuss implementation of Riyadh Agreement

If it weren't for Iranian conspiracy, Yemen would be stable, says Hadi

Vice President phones Marib governor on latest developments

Al-Eryani: The Houthi militia did not provide anything to the Palestinian cause except empty slogans

Defense Minister presides over meeting for Mareb's Security Committee

Human Rights Minister: Yemen and Egypt a strategic depth to each other

Al-Adoofi: Those calling for int'l enquiry want war to continue

Symposium on Youth, Woman's role in NDC held in Taiz

Chinese Ambassador renews support to government

FM commends EU's roles in supporting Yemen

Yemen's PM calls for integration to overturn coup

Premier chairs meeting for Aden Security Committee

Al-Brakani to Hadi: Parliament's sessions need to be held in Aden, Marib sooner not later

Military court commences prosecuting 175 Houthi leaders over coup against state

President Hadi: Out-dated despotic Imamate ages had gone forever

Mujalli discusses with Egyptian ambassador latest developments in Yemen

Jubari meets leaders of political parties in Taiz

FM, British Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa discuss peace process in Yemen

VP Tariq Saleh meets with local authority leaders of Hodeidah Governorate

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