Brigadier General Tariq Saleh chairs a joint military meeting in Mocha
Member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, chaired a joint military meeting in Mocha, which included the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari, the governors of Taiz and Hodeidah, the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Sagheer bin Aziz, the leaders of the axes of Taiz, Al-Barah and Al-Hudaydah, and a delegation from the Arab coalition led by Major General Sultan.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
AIRBUS announces € 4.2 billion net profits in 2022
The European Company for planes manufacturing (AIRBUS) announced that its net profits in 2022 came to € 4.2 billion, with an increase of 1 percent over 2021.
Argentina wins the 2022 World Cup after defeating France
The Argentine national team was crowned champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after defeating its French counterpart, by penalty shootouts, by four goals to two in the match that brought them together, this evening, Sunday, at Lusail Stadium, after the end of the original and extra time, in a positive tie with three goals for both teams.
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Two Republican decrees

Two Republican decrees

Republican Decree appoints new governor to Mahra issued

Republican decrees about appointing Ambassadors to Spain, USA

Republican resolution names new governor for Aden

Republican resolution appoints Mohammed Jumeih permanent rep to UNESCO

Republican resolution names new Police Director for Aden

Republican decree pardons Vice President from his post issued

Republican decree about appointing Governor of Aljawf governorate

Republican decree appoints new governor of Aden

Republican decree names Mohammed Al-Maqdashi new defense minister

Republican resolution names Miayad central bank's governor

Officials call on Republican Guards to join in liberating Houthi-controlled parts of Taiz

Republican decree by appointing Nabeel Shamsan Governor of Taiz

Republican decrees about appointing directors for Aden Refinery, YOC

VP inspects work in progress for repairing Republican Palace in Marib

Republican Decree appoints vice finance minister issued

Republican Decree appointing Mohammad Yasser governor to Mahra issued

Republican decree names Aqeeli advisor to the armed forces supreme commander

Republican decree by appointing governor of Socatra

Republican decrees appointing Cabinet Secretary General, Ambassador in FM issued

Republican Decree changing ministers issued

Republican resolution names new deputy governors for Hadhramout

Republican decrees name new governor, deputy governor for Aden

Republican decision appoints rector and deputies for Lahj University

Republican decree on establishing al-Mahra University issued

Republican decree establishing Abyan University issued

Republican decree establishing community colleges in Lahj, Shabwa issued

Republican decree reshuffling CBY's board issued

Republican decree issued about appointing deputy governors of Hadramout governorate

Taiz championing national republican cause, Yemen's political parties say

President: Republican system will win no matter the sacrifices

Republican decree about creating the government

KSrelief signs agreement with WHO to provide oxygen plants for Yemen hospitals

General Lakhsha'a Ambassador, Brig. Mutaher Ashoa'ib Aden Police Director

Essam al-Kathiri Under-Secretary of Local Administration, Amer al-Ameri Deputy Governor of Hadramout

Chief of Staff: We are facing a transborder militia

Taiz governor orders security revitalization after gunmen seized main hospital

Mohammed bin Adyeu appointed advisor of the President of the Republic

President Hadi appoints new governor to Baidha'

Deputygovernor appointed for the Central Bank

Appointing chief of Security in Socotra

Abdullah al-Sa'adi appointed a representative to Yemen in the UN

HR Deputy Minister calls for designating Houthi Movement as terrorist

New governor appointed for the Central Bank

PM orders investigation into mysterious death of kidney patient

Joining constitutional legitimacy the right track, says PM

Announcing National Alliance of Yemeni Political Parties

Aden govern Ahmed Lamlas assigned minister of state

General Shallal Sha'ea appointed Military Attaché in the UAE

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hudrami appointed Deputy Foreign Minister

Appointing Anwar Kalshat President to al-Mahra University

Presidential decree establishes National Center for Forensic Medicine

Appointing Mabkhoot bin Madhi Governor to Hadhramaut

VP praises role of Ibb people

Nasser Al-Khader Assawadi appointed governor of Al-Baidha

President Hadi: Everybody must fight Houthi militiamen

FM attends inauguration ceremony of Djibouti President

Ministers named in limited reshuffle

MSF shows willingness to operate isolation facility in key Aden hospital

Health Ministry receives dialysis medicines and solutions from ICRC

Hadi appoints new officials in Mahrah

Ministry of Public Health discusses corona pandemic situation

VP affirms gov't interest in completing Taiz restoration

Aden's health projects discussed

Taiz official: 456 confirmed covid-19 cases from 24 February - 4April

PM: The Republic, the Federal State will defeat Houthi soon

Kenyan President receives PM at the Presidential Palace

Yemenis celebrate the September revolution and renew the pledge to end the Houthi coup

Prime Minister calls Socotris to protect their Island

Taiz: Army pounds militias in the east, foils an infiltration in the west

Marib Governor: Yemeni people moving forward to build Yemeni federal state

Ministry of Interior directs granting Yemeni women passports without stipulations

VP follows up on military operations in Beidha

Vice President phones Baihan Pivot Commander on latest military developments

VP: Houthi seeks to replicate Iranian experiment in Yemen

Army spokesman: Ceremonials Camp liberated

Military court hold 13th hearing prosecuting Houthi leaders

Al-Iryani demands US Congress to brand Houthi militia terrorist organization

SP praises Yemeni-Chinese relations

Hadi issues resolutions naming new ministers, other officials

PM briefs US senators on Houthi violations of local and int'l laws

PM briefs US senators on Houthi violations of local and int'l laws

Alignment with legal leadership a patriotic duty, says governor of Dhamar

President al-Alimi receives al-Ahmar family

Mahra Governor calls on UN organizations to convey their suffering to the world

Yemen army lights Torch of Revolution near theocrats-held Sana'a

Saudi-led Coalition re-affirms support in different domains in Yemen

PM orders prompt financing of Health Ministry office in Taiz

CBY: Peoples need to be cautious about Houthi militia's deceptive plan to snatch their own reserves

Health Minister, UN official, inspect hospitals, health centers in Aden

Parliament Speaker receives Emirati Ambassador to bid him farewell

PM: govt's top priority to renormalize situations, pay salaries

Hadi appoints new ministers, deputies, other state officials

President Hadi conducts phone calls to Defense Minister, Governors of Marib, Aljawf, Sana'a

Yemen calls on the US Congress to support two draft bills against Houthis' crimes

VP praises robust Yemeni-Egyptian relationships

Military Court sentences Houthi militia's leader,173 persons to death

Hadi hails Sabais' sacrifices in defending the revolution and the republic

Human rights in Socotra discussed

Yemen embassy calls on US institutions not to follow misleading Houthi propaganda

President Hadi phones Marib governor on latest developments

Defense Minister says Houthis enlist child fighters to beat Yemenis into submission

Republic Decrees about establishing Syuon University and Syoun Hospital Administration

Vice President phones defense minister on latest developments

President Hadi arrives in Riyadh

President Hadi calls GPC leaders for integration for facing coup, restoring the state

Al-Alimi: Marib battle fateful for the Yemeni people

Bin Daghr discusses with UN envoy latest developments in Yemen

Education Minister condemns Houthi taking of radical oath from schoolchildren

PM: Proceeding toward defeating the coup d'état

PM: How to establish the State, this is the question?

President al-Alimi visits Egyptian Parliament, calls for Arab parliamentarian support for restoring state

President urges collective action to manage challenges Yemen faced by

PM appreciates Egypt's support to Yemen

PM orders paying salaries of displaced employees

Al-Brakani meets with President of the House of Moroccan Councilors

Military court holds 11 hearing prosecuting Houthi leaders on coup

Vice President stresses unifying national front against Houthi coup

Speaker of Parliament meets with British Ambassador to Yemen

President al-Alimi: 2023 will be a year for broad partnership, construction

PM orders quick action against dengue fever spike in Taiz

GPC's hierarchy to be re-organized, Bin-Daher says

Political alliance condemns Houthi death verdicts against 36 detainees

19 militiamen killed in Taiz front-line battles

Legitimate government is committed to human rights principals, VP says

Presidency Office Director: Yemen's future requires people integration against coup

Council of Ministers takes several decisions about topical issues

Military court holds 14 public hearing prosecuting coup's leaders

Military Court continues sessions prosecuting Houthi leaders

Al-Iryani: Appearance of Irloo in Sana'a ceremony confirms he is de facto ruler

Parliament confirms support to government and Arab Coalition's intervention

PM calls for not remaining silent towards Yemen's recent developments

VP praises President Hadi's call on GPC's leaders to nationally align themselves

Parliament Speaker praises leading role of Hadhramis for supporting national project

Yemen's rights committee hands over report to President

Al-Brakani: Arrangements made to implement military, security articles of Riyadh Agreement

Military court commences prosecuting 175 Houthi leaders over coup against state

President Hadi: Out-dated despotic Imamate ages had gone forever

President Hadi calls on the Houthis to come to negotiate a comprehensive peace

Prime Minister inspects military headquarters in Aden

President Hadi: We've no choice but to eliminate coup, restore the state

VP, PM review Govt's efforts to normalize situations in government-held regions

Arab Coalition acting in accordance with humanitarian law, says JIAT

Yemen seeks French support for regaining order, reconstruction

PM arrives in Cairo to supervise a workshop organized by the Economic Committee

Political parties reject campaign targeting Saudi Arabia

President of PLC defines priorities of forthcoming period

President al-Alimi: Yemenis strongly united with International Community about the Yemeni cause more than ever

Yemen's Bin Daghr: the coup couldn't topple the republic

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