President al-Alimi urges government to double down efforts to restore the state's institutions, eliminate Houthi militia's coup
His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, chaired part of the Council of Ministers session held today, Sunday, at al-Ma'shiq Palace in the temporary capital Aden, with the presence of the Prime Minister Dr. Ma'een Abdulmalik.
ajor General Al-Zubaidi chairs an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers
A member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Major General Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, chaired this morning at the Presidential Palace in Ma’ashiq an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers.
Wall Street Closing
U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve (Fed) took a less aggressive stance than expected.
Yemen reaches 124th place in FIFA's monthly ranking
The national football team has moved up one place in FIFA's new monthly ranking reaching the 124th as published by the FIFA on Thursday.
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Int'l Cooperation Minister, Arab Fund for Economic Development discuss cooperation

Yassin, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development discuss cooperation

Ambassador al-Ashbi explores COMCEC's academic, technological cooperation

Yemeni-Moroccan educational cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Moroccan academic cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Jordanian security cooperation discussed

Al-Kamal explores cooperation with OIC

Yemen, GCC discuss education cooperation

Hadi emphasizes fruitful cooperation with US

Yemeni-Pakistani cooperation in health explored

Yemeni-Chinese cooperation discussed

BaSoheib, WFP discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Egyptian judiciary cooperation debated

Yemeni- Polish cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Malaysian academic cooperation discussed

Discussion of cooperation between Yemen and COMSTECH

Yemeni-Jordanian cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Moroccan cultural cooperation discussed

Social Affairs Ministry, UNDP discuss priorities of cooperation

Yemeni-Jordanian Judicial cooperation discussed

Yemen, OIC discuss humanitarian cooperation

Yemen- Tunisian agreement about judiciary cooperation

Yemeni-Egyptian cooperation in electricity sector discussed

Minister of Planning explores further cooperation by the UN about economy, development

MoPIC signs cooperation agreement with CARE

Yemeni-Security cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Tunisian cooperation in health sector discussed

Yemen, China sign economic cooperation agreement

Dep. Minister of Planning, International organizations discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Omani bilateral cooperation discussed

Yemen signs cooperation pacts with three European organizations

Yemeni cooperation with ICO discussed

Yemeni-Saudi cooperation about trade, investment discussed

Yemen, Hungary discuss scientific cooperation

Yemeni and Kuwait justice ministers discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Russian cooperation in education fruitful

Interior Minister discusses cooperation with his Egyptian, Omani counterparts

Yemen, UAE discuss cooperation in capacity building, manpower

Enhancing media cooperation in Hadhramout discussed

Minister of Planning, Country Director of WB discuss bilateral cooperation

Yemen explores Hungarian cooperation in security

Yemen explores Hungarian cooperation in security

Yemen, Arab Development Organization seek cooperation

Aden University, Ministry of Planning discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Cuban cooperation dicussed

Yemeni-Moroccan cooperation discussed

Yemen seeks fishery cooperation with Spain

Minister of planning, US official discuss bilateral economic cooperation

Yemen, Sudan discuss cooperation in policing and clampdown on crimes

Yemen, Egypt agreed on air transport cooperation

Yemen participates in UN conference on Southern Argentinian countries cooperation

Aspects of cooperation with International Red Crescent discussed.

Yemen, Russia discuss educational cooperation

JICA to resume technical cooperation with Yemen

Yemeni-Algerian academic cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Kuwaiti cooperation in Transport discussed

Yemen's embassy celebrates the 40th Anniversary of cooperation agreement with Netherlands

Yemen, Pakistan discuss educational cooperation

Saba, Antara discuss news cooperation

Yemeni-Moroccan cultural cooperation discussed

Interior Minister confers with his Saudi counterpart over security cooperation

Yemen, Morocco discuss judiciary training cooperation

Ashamir explores Indonesian cooperation about visa procedures

Information cooperation agreement between Saba, Xinhua signed

Planning Ministry, Save the Children discuss cooperation

Yemen, Egypt discuss fishery cooperation

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation discussed

Yemeni-British military cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Saudi educational cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Moroccan cultural cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Moroccan academic cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Egyptian discussions in Cairo over medical cooperation

Yemen, Hungary discuss security, police cooperation

Yemeni-Mauritanian cooperation in education discussed

Minister of Planning discusses with the Bahraini Minister of Finance strengthening cooperation

Education minister, KSrelief discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Djiboutian security cooperation discussed

Yemen, UAE discuss security cooperation

Yemen participates in Economic Cooperation Forum in Tajikistan

Discussing cooperation between Yemen and Sudan in training and qualifying security cadres

Cooperation agreement signed between Ministry of Planning, Saudi Program for Development in Yemen

Education Minister discusses with Saudi Counterpart promoting cooperation

Yemeni-Dutch cooperation discussed

Planning Minister stresses importance of cooperation with FAO

Yemen, Saudi Arabia discuss education cooperation

Basoheib, UN's officials discuss cooperation

Yemen, KSA discuss diplomatic cooperation

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation in electricity discussed

Azendani, UNA Director discuss media cooperation

Askar, Geneva Call director discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Somalis cooperation in education discussed

Yemeni-Omani economic cooperation discussed

Minister of Fisheries, CARE representative discuss cooperation

Yemen seeks German cooperation in power field

Yemen ambassador, KUNA chairman discuss media cooperation

Yemen, Friedrich Ebert discuss cooperation

Telecommunication cooperation with Iraq, Palestine discussed

Roads Fund discusses with UNOPS joint cooperation

Minister of Electricity explores EU's cooperation

Aden workshop discusses judicial cooperation, crime control

Yemen, Iraq discuss activating academic cooperation

Bajash visits Cuban Parliament, explores further cooperation

Cooperation between Yemen, UN organizations in Pakistan discussed

Ambassador discuss cooperation between Saba andPrensa Latina

Al-Akbri, UNESCO discuss cooperation in education field

Ambassador Minhali, Emirati Ministerdiscuss cultural cooperation

Yemen seeks to resume academic cooperation with Iraq

Yemeni-Malysian bilateral cooperation discussed

Yemeni, Saudi communication ministers discuss cooperation

Hadi hails Yemen-US cooperation

Yemen, Morocco discuss promoting higher education cooperation

Interior Minister, ICRC discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Russian parliamentary cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Mauritanian aspects of cooperation discussed

Yemen's Ambassador hands over Sudanese FM letter on cooperation

Arman discusses with UNICEF human rights cooperation

Yemeni-Algerian cooperation in education discussed

Yemen, China discusses economic cooperation

Judiciary cooperation between Yemen, Morocco discussed

Minister Arman discusses with ICRC boosting cooperation

Yemeni-Turkish security cooperation discussed

Yemen info.minister, Nilesat chairman discuss cooperation

Shojaa Addeen, Head of Global Maritime Crime Program discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Iraqi cooperation discussed

Transport Minister discusses cooperation with UNOPS

Cooperation between Ministry of Health and WHO discussed

Al-Wali and Al-Qobati discuss strengthening cooperation with UNCTAD

Yemen renews cultural cooperation agreement with Morocco

Yemeni-Mauritanian cooperation discussed

President, WB discuss cooperation

Yemeni-Bahraini bilateral cooperation discussed

Yemen's ambassador to Tunisia explore ABU's cooperation

Education cooperation between Yemen, Brunei discussed

Aviation Authority, Petro-Masila discuss cooperation

Al-Waleedi, NRC explore joint cooperation

Yemen, South Africa explore more cooperation agreements between the two countries

Yemeni-Qatari cooperation in sports discussed

Yemeni Turkish economic cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Singaporean cooperation in Transport discussed

Yemeni-Kazakhstani cooperation in education discussed

Yemen, Egypt discuss judicial cooperation

Yemen, Pakistan discuss cooperation in diplomatic training

Yemen, Cuba discuss health cooperation

Minister of Trade discuss with WIPO cooperation

Yemeni-Hungarian cooperation discussed

Maysar, Turkish ambassador discuss bilateral cooperation

Yemen, ESCWA sign technical cooperation pact

Minister Al-Saadi South Korean Ambassador discuss bilateeal cooperation

Ambassador Mujalli discusses cooperation with bulanda officials

Yemeni-Moroccan cooperation in Judiciary discussed

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