President al-Alimi makes usual medical checks
An official source at the Office of the Republic Presidency said His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) finished today, Saturday, regular medical checks he made in the Federal Republic of Germany, done over several days.
Bulgaria: EU-backed Project to Assess Impact of Digital Transformation and Green Transition
Social partners in Bulgaria are implementing a project to analyze how digital transformation and green transition will impact enterprises and workers in 17 sectors of the national economy and to offer solutions to related issues, the Bulgarian news agency has reported.
Bulgarian minister says survey shows her country "First in Europe in Young People's Desire to Start Own Business"
Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth said the latest Eurobarometer survey has shown her country ranks first in Europe in terms of young people's desire to start their own business.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Yemeni community in KSA congratulate president on Eid al-Fitr

Community Colleges situation in Aden, Luhj discussed

Ambassador Assallal meets Yemeni community in Toronto

Yemeni community's situations in Bulgaria discussed

Expatriate Minister visits Yemen's community schools

Yemeni Community's premises opened in New York

Republican decree establishing community colleges in Lahj, Shabwa issued

Yemen's ambassador discusses community issues in Saudi Arabia

Ambassador Zandani opens discussion session to Yemeni community in Riyadh

Al-Haneq, Mogadishu governor discusses situation of Yemeni community

Asoomi says int’l community has to move from condemnations to actions

FM calls on int'l community to help alleviate war impact in Yemen

Amb. Bin Safa'a confers with Kuwaiti Interior Minister over Yemeni community's situations

Yemen calls on int’l community to condemn unprecedented crimes against journalists

Yemen's general Consul in Jeddah, Amir of Tabuk discuss Yemeni community's situations

Foreign Minister meets leaders of the Yemeni community in Turkey

Education in community colleges discussed

Community College's unpaid payments in Socatar discussed

Info Minister demands int'l community to pressure Houthis to release Bahai families

For how long the int'l community will keep silent? Yemen minister asks

Khamees says int'l community need to take decisive action against Houthi breaches

New community development association inaugurated in Mukalla

President al-Alimin briefs Yemeni community in New York on developments in the homeland

FM calls on int'l community to press the militias into peace

Yemen, Jordon discuss community conditions

Army spokesman: Houthis go too far in targeting civilians in defiance of int'l community

Int'l community should do their role in saving Stockholm Agreement, PM says

Activist appeals for int'l community action to save Yemeni women from Houthis

Shabwa governor signs treaty for building five halls in community college

Eryani expresses surprise at int’l community’s silence at Houthi migrant immolation

Al-Zandani inspects Yemeni community's situations in Tabuk

VP stresses parliamentary and community support to state

Yemen: Info minister calls on int’l community to take responsibility toward Houthi terror activities

Info. Minister demands int'l community to take decisive action on Houthis

Journalists call int'l community to stop Houthi abuses against colleagues

Hadi says Hodeidah deal puts UN, international community to test

Watchdog warns int'l community of turning blind eye to Houthi atrocities

UN, int'l community should skip broad-term condemnations to pointing fingers at perpetrators

Yemen calls on int’l community to stop Houthi bombardment of IDPs camps

Prime Minister receives leadership of Yemeni community in Qatar

Appeal to int'l community to stop shedding blood of Yemeni journalists

Al-Asbahi, UNHCR discuss support for Yemeni community in Morocco

Training course on human rights to Yemeni community concluded in Morocco

Activists calls on int'l community to force end to Houthi recruitment of child soldiers

Gov't deplores int'l community's silence for militia atrocities in Taiz

Azendani, Amir of Jazan discuss Yemeni community situations

GCC calls on int’l community to take resolute measures to stop Houthi militia attacks on Marib

Health Minister follows up on protection measures for Yemeni community in China

Gov’t demands int’l community to condemn Houthi massacre in Durayhimi

Ambassador Bahah discusses with Egyptian official situations of Yemeni community

Yemeni missions and community in US celebrate Unity Day

Document of implementing Socotra's Community College project approved

Yemen calls on int'l community to follow suit of US in terror designation of Houthis

Yemen renews call on int’l community to designate Houthis a terrorist organization

Int’l community’s leniency with Houthis worked up their appetite for terrorism, says Eryani

Yemen, Turkey discuss situations of Yemeni community

Yemen calls on int'l community to act in harmony with US terror designation of Houthis

Ba-Humaid discusses Yemeni community's situations in Malaysia

Yemen parties say int'l community act blind as Houthis pursue racist dynastical ambitions

Marib female students condemn Intl. community's silence towards al-Abidia siege

Int'l community should not keep ignoring Houthi maximalism, says FM

It is time the int'l community name the party sabotaging political solution in Yemen: PM

KSrelief demands int’l community to swiftly forestall oil slick disaster off Hodeidah

FM: The international community is concerned with supporting low-income countries in the health sector

Yemeni community in Malaysia receives visitor visas

Fatah urges International community to stop militia's inference in relief action

HR Minister calls on int'l community to take deterring measures against Houthi crimes

Al-Eryani calls on int'l community to listen to Yemeni demands for Houthi terror designation

FM says int'l community needs to send strong warning on Houthi abuses

Yemen gov't calls on international community to reconsider its approach toward Houthis

Int'l community should pressure Houthis to implement Stockholm deal, says Ashoaybi

Brig. Tariq Saleh: International community pays price of overlooking Houthi militias loyalty to Iran

Yemen calls Intl. community for integrating efforts for fighting terrorism

Yemen calls on int’l community to break silence over Iranian aggressions

FM: the Intl. community is convinced no political party Yemen talks to

FM demnds int'l community to take serious stance against coupists

Taiz: Protesters demand int'l community to condemn Houthi killing of athletes

Barakani calls on int'l community to take firm stance against Houthi atrocities

Al-Eryani called upon international community to stop Houthi genocides

Yemen NGOs surprised by int’l community’s silence, inaction over Houthi Marib war

Yemen PM to in'tl community: Listen not to Houthis' words, look at their ferocious acts

Yemen Shura Council calls on US, int’l community to take serious stance against Houthi crimes

Hadhramout needs int'l community's support, says governor

Eryani: international community turn blind eye as Houthis forcefeed entire generation with terrorist ideology

Yemen FM clarifies what Houthis are misleading the international community with

FM tells Dutch ambassador int’l community's to call for end of Houthi Marib aggression

Fatah calls on int'l community to press rebels into halting abuses

Al-Erada calls on international community to press for releasing all prisoners

Marem, Arab Academy for Banking discuss providing facilities for the Yemeni community

Yemen renews call on int’l community to put Houthis on terror list

Human rights groups call on int’l community to stop Houthi atrocities in Marib

Major General Al-Zabaidi reviews conditions of Yemeni community and students in Kenya

Human rights groups call on int’l community to stop Houthi atrocities in Marib

Yemen demands Intel. Community to end suffering of people

Iranian regime’s excess in provocations a ‘natural result’ of int’l community’s silence

Yemeni activists call on int’l community to stop collusion with Houthi terrorism

Chief of Staff: The Intl. Community should ban recruiting children by Houthis

Abu Elgheit appeals to int'l community to spare Yemen a disaster

Sana’a officials call on int’l community to designate Houthis a terror organization

Yemen journalists fall every day, international community apathetic, Al-Oseidi

Houthis massacre 17 civilians, HR ministry says int’l community’s silence is suspicious

UN Guterres urges International Community end Yemen's tragedy

Info Minister calls on int'l community to pressure Houthis to stop systematic targeting of civilians south of Marib

Int'l community's failure gives Iran 'opportunity to implement plot' against Yemen

Human Rights calls Intl. Community to take serious action against Houthi crimes

Al-Eryani calls on the international community to press for peace in Yemen

Int'l community's continued silence for Houthi horrific crimes emboldens militia

Human Rights calls upon Intl. community to stop Houthi crimes in Marib

Yemen calls on international community to help it managing natural disasters' risks

Ambassador Bahomeid discusses with Malaysian official Yemeni community issues

Info minister calls on int’l community to hasten listing of Houthis as a terrorist group

Yemen government declares full support for humanitarian community against Houthi violations

Yemen official calls on int’l community to pressure Houthis to stop planting landmines

US ambassador calls on int'l community to help Yemen resume exporting oil

Al-Eryani calls upon international community to listen to people in Houthi areas

Int'l community should bear responsibility toward Taiz civilians: Fatah

Al-Sallal discusses with Canadian Minister situations of Yemeni community

Fatah calls on int'l community to pressure Houthis end Taiz siege

Yemen appeals to int'l community to act as new civilian massacre unfolds

Rights activists call on international community to put Houthis on terror list

Eryani urges firm int'l community to take firm stance on Houthis over oil tanker

Socotra community learning to appreciate wetlands

Info. Minister calls on Int'l community to pressure the militia to release abducted journalists

Refreshing training course for community midwives in Hudramout

US Envoy: The actions committed by the Houthi militia constitute an insult to the international community

Al-Iryani: International community turns blind-eye on militias' atrocities

FM calls on int'l community to look at Yemen with two eyes

Intel' community must support government's efforts to take control over Hodeida port, says minister

Fatah: Conscience of international community faces real test ahead

Ambassador al-Mekhlafi visits Yemeni community in South China

Al-Eradah calls on International Community to have firm stances toward the Terrorist Houthi militias

Hadhramout launches distribution of 2000 food packs to IDPs, host community

President al-Alimi calls on International Community to sustain livelihoods in Yemen

FM calls on International community to press for engaging the militia in peace process

Al-Eryani calls on the international community to stop the blatant Iranian interference in Yemen

Eryani: Taiz siege puts the will of the international community to a real test

President al-Alimi: Yemenis strongly united with International Community about the Yemeni cause more than ever

Faqirah discusses with Jordanian interior official situations of Yemeni community

President Hadi: International Community must know we deal with gangs believe only in weapons

President al-Alimi urges International Community's pressure to stop Houthi militia's violations

Al-Alimi: Restoring state institutions is the decisive guarantee for close partnership with int'l community

Community leaders in Abyan aligned themselves behind President Hadi's leadership for restoring state

Yemeni Network for Rights calls on international community to label Houthis a "terrorist group"

Prime Minister calls on International Community to make support for the Yemeni people a priority amid international crises

$60 million Kuwaiti grant will help rehabilitate vocational institutes, says minister

Yemen, Malaysia discusses cooperation in health services

Officials discuss set up of computer-based network for college communities

Marib: "My City More Beautiful" project and cleanliness campaign launched

Saudi Cabinet confirms security measures to secure Bab al-Mandab

Technical Education Ministry 'in process of implementing 5 projects'

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