Leadership Council member Tariq Saleh observes Eid prayers with the masses in Khowkha
Member of the Presidential Leadership Council Tariq Saleh observed the Eid al-Adha prayers with the public masses in Kahwkha city Hodeidah Governorate today.
Arab League calls for concerted efforts to confront drought and desertification
The Arab League called for the concerted Arab efforts to confront the phenomenon of drought and desertification, as it is one of the most fragile regions of the world in terms of its ecosystem, and 90 percent of its area is designated as dry and extremely dry areas.
Korean ICT exports jump more than 30 percent
South Korea's exports of ICT products jumped more than 30 percent in May thanks to strong global demand.
Bellingham leads England to victory over Serbia in Euro 2024
The English national team defeated its Serbian counterpart with a goal without a response in the match that brought them together in the first round of the third group competitions of the Euro 2024, which is hosted by Germany.
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President al-Alimi in address to the nation: Restoring the State's institutions remains our inclusive goal
[21/05/2023 06:58]
His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership council said " To restore the State's institutions, eliminate the Iranian regime-backed Houthi militias' coup will always remain an inclusive objective for the Yemeni people, its political leadership, armed and security forces, communal resistance and its wide-ranging republican coalition".

His Excellency asserted to move forward to bring the Yemeni people and their regional and international supporters together against the Houthi militias' coup, terrorism and their Iranian backers' scheme, while dealing constructively with the peace efforts led by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In his address to the nation on the eve of the 33rd Anniversary of the County National Day, May 22, the President urged the political forces to keep on aligning themselves around the Political Leadership Council which represents a political and national consensus for this stage. " To eliminate the coup, restore the State's institutions and allay the peoples' suffering must be everybody's goal at this critical stage", said al-Alimi.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council said" Our celebration to mark the Day of the Country Re-union is not a tendency to stir political disputes or to exclude anybody or group, it is rather to strongly commit ourselves to the constitution, the legal position of the regionally and internationally recognized State, references of the transitional stage and the noble objectives formulated by the Yemenis in the south and north of the country six decades ago".

His Excellency stressed on the importance of the proposal of the federal state incorporated in the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference , describing it as a significant common ground to build on it.

He said " The federal state notion enshrined in the outcomes of the National Dialogue is a significant ground we must adhere to and build on it to achieve justice under which the parties offered apology, confessed the error and set out guarantees to not repeat".

President al-Alimi added" Under the constitutional oath I sworn along with my colleagues, members of the Presidential Leadership Council, we're obliged to work together for all Yemenis in the north and south, we should not allow to be consumed in disputes, rather we have to fortify our national front to keep loyalty to the sacrifices of our people, armed forces, communal resistance and our Arab brothers whose blood shed in defending our cause, freedom and dignity".

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council came to say" alongside our central battle to restore the State's institutions, eliminate the Iran-backed Houthi militias' coup, we have avowed in line with the references of the transitional stage to work together not only to share the decision making, planning and implementing at the top leadership level, but also to delegate the power to the governorates and districts at the best practices and standards in relevance"

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