Speaker of Shura Council praises China's support for Yemen
Speaker of Shura Council Dr. Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher highly praised the supportive stances of the People's Republic of China in support of the Yemeni people, its official leadership, deeply appreciating China's significant contribution to the development drive and humanitarian actions in Yemen.
Palestinian Presidency warns of the danger of Israeli escalation in Al-Aqsa Mosque
The official spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, warned of the dangerous escalation of the Israeli occupation authorities, in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the attack on citizens in its squares and in the alleys and lanes of the Old City of Al-Quds.
Oil prices rise after reaching initial agreement regarding the US debt ceiling
Oil prices rose in early Asian trade on Monday after US leaders reached a tentative agreement on the government's debt ceiling, which could prevent a catastrophic default in the world's largest economy and oil consumer.
Barcelona crowned as Spanish League champion 4 rounds before conclusion of the “La Liga”
FC Barcelona won the Spanish Football League title, after defeating its neighbor Espanyol by four goals to two, to settle the struggle for the La Liga title, four rounds before the end of the competition.
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Leadership Council chairman renews pledge to proceed on partnership and consensus principle
[08/03/2023 12:41]
Aden – Saba
President Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, has renewed the pledge he and other Council members made to the Yemeni people to proceed on the basis of partnership and national consensus towards achieving the common goals of the transitional period.

Al-Alimi said in a recorded speech to the general meeting of the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission: "The constitutional oath, and the covenant that we made with my brothers members of the Presidential Leadership Council to our people in the north and south to proceed on the basis of partnership and national consensus, remains firm and we will not deviate from it, whatever the challenges." .

"Here we are today talking to you to confirm our growing confidence in the strength of our strategic alliance, and its unity around its common goals for the transitional period," he added.

Al-Alimi expressed his gratitude to the presidency and members of the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission for their support and standing by the Presidential Leadership Council since they were formed together about 330 days ago, according to the announcement of the transfer of power on the seventh of April last year.

He said, "We, in the Presidential Leadership Council, are grateful to the presidency and members of the Consultation Committee, women and men, including the unique constellation of expertise and leaders who were by our side along the way in support of the Council, and their keenness to keep it interacting and united around common goals, and achieving the desired consensus in managing state for the benefits of the rest of the transitional period.

The Chairman of the Leadership Council expressed his hope that the meetings of the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission would represent an important step in the course of the broad national coalition against the destructive Iranian project.

He said, "We hope that the meetings of the expanded body will represent an additional, strong message for a more cohesive and reassuring future, by setting the building blocks and reference frameworks to protect our national consensus and the will of our people, and ensure broad societal participation without exclusions or marginalization." He added, "We were confident from the beginning that some differences in our references and experiences are what will make us distinct and more capable of responding to complex reality and emergency changes.

" He went on to say, "With God's help, we will continue believing in the principles of the right to freedom, difference, and participation, as genuine constitutional foundations."

President Rashad Al-Alimi stressed that in the theoretical principles of the reconciliation systems, equity and memorialization come as ideal values to honor "our cities, our men and women who were pioneers to the fields of resistance since the first shot to confront the Persian invasion, with weapons, money, and words." In this context, the President of the Presidential Leadership Council saluted the martyrs, the wounded, and the living leaders who lead the ranks in defense of "our homeland, our identity, and our ancient cultural heritage."

"Those men and women had to fight to restore peace, and had it not been for their sacrifices and courage, we would not have enjoyed freedom today and the honor of representing our country and our people among the living nations around the world," he said.

He also saluted all the provinces, "and our people who resist and reject that project that is intrusive to our country and our region.

" He added, "It is a special greeting to the interim capital, Aden, the torch of freedom and enlightenment, and to all the southern provinces that buried the Imamate project in the cradle, just as it was buried on the walls of Marib, the mountains of Taiz and other provinces that gave the state legitimacy a fence, and the resistance a haven and a base for building ranks and moving towards the definitive victory."

" President Rashad Al-Alimi also saluted "the great Hadramout, as it prepares to commemorate the liberation of Mukalla from Al-Qaeda, in a historical battle that led early on to strengthening the resistance front to the Iranian project and its militias colluding with terrorist organizations." And he considered that this speech also represents an occasion for recognition, fairness, and pride in the role of the national forces carrying the southern cause, which united under their banner the valiant resistance brigades, to defeat the invading militias, and deter their greed and reckless adventures.

He extended all his greetings to the patient people, behind the bars of terrorist militias, in displacement camps, and in countries of diaspora, and to intellectuals, journalists, and activists who confront the discourse of misinformation, death, and destruction on the awareness front.

He said, "These heroes and cities deserve honor, fairness, and memorialization, and there is nothing better than that our political forces be inspired by their legacy, and their steadfastness with more alignment and mobilization of all capabilities and energies to restore state institutions, and fortify our internal front against the tools of the Iranian project that is lurking to prey on us all without exception." He made it clear that the militia attacks and their vengeful siege on Marib, Taiz, Al-Dhalea, Lahj, and other governorates, "concern us all, and we will respond to them with firm collective deterrence, in the event of their continued intransigence, and the exhaustion of all efforts to push them towards the option of a just and sustainable peace based on the foundations and agreed terms of reference."

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