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Last Update: ، 2020/07/08 Time 12:59:08
Military court commences prosecuting 175 Houthi leaders over coup against state
The Military Court in Marib-headed by Judge Aqil Taj Addin, the Chairman of the Military Court at the Third Military Region- commenced Tuesday its first hearing of the major criminal case No.4 for 2020.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
Wall Street Closing
U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve (Fed) took a less aggressive stance than expected.
Yemen reaches 124th place in FIFA's monthly ranking
The national football team has moved up one place in FIFA's new monthly ranking reaching the 124th as published by the FIFA on Thursday.
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Military court commences prosecuting 175 Houthi leaders over coup against state
Hodeida governor signs treaty for educating displaced people
PM praises Marib governorate fellows role in countering Houthi militia's coup
Yemeni-American cooperation in fishery sector discussed
Govt officials say Houthi-linked Sbayaan cell carried out terror crimes
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President Hadi: We reiterate adherence to the Yemeni Revolution's principles
[03/06/2019 07:57]

President of Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has reiterated loyalty to the Yemeni great Revolution's principles and goals; vowing to keep on struggling for reinstating official institutions and go on establishing the federal state that can achieve the Yemeni peoples' aspirations to have honorable life as equal citizens.

In his address to the Yemeni peoples in the country and abroad on the eve of Eid al-Fiter he said" The putschist Houthi militia had made the Yemeni people to perform the fasting of Ramadan for the fifth successive year while they have been experiencing the war, suffering unspeakable hardships, facing a looming starvation".

He went on saying" The rebels are insisting on neutralizing all peace proposals, refusing every proposal to allay the Yemeni peoples' suffering. Their intransigence and insistence on prolonging the Yemeni people's agonies can't be justified but they are simply acting as Iranian agents to serve Iran's agendas which employs the Houthis to destabilize the region, threaten regional and international peace and security".

President Hadiadded" To the population of the capital Sana'a and elsewhere militia controlled regions, I'm saying we're aware that you have been extremely suffering from the militiamen, you must know that you are in our heart, we're along with, we're doing our utmost to alleviate your torment, we're responsible for all Yemenis wherever they are".

The President blamed Houthi rebels for disrupting the political transition process in the hope that they may reinstate the Imamate racist ruling. He reassured the Yemeni people that the Houthi rebelscan't bring the history back." The Yemeni people had repeatedly proved throughout Yemen's long history that they had never succumbed to oppressors".

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