Civilian injured by Houthi Militia's artillery shelling South of Hodeidah
A civilian was injured on Wednesday evening over artillery shelling by the terrorist Houthi militias, which targeted populated areas and villages south of Hodeidah Governorate.
Made in Bulgaria Programme Association honors society developers
Individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to the development of society and the economy in Bulgaria were honoured with the People of the XXI Century international award of the Made in Bulgaria Programme Association, Bulgaria's news agency has reported.
Kuwait's trade surplus with Japan increased in May by 2.3 percent
Kuwait's trade surplus with Japan increased last May by 2.3 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 82.7 billion Japanese yen (522 million US dollars), rising for the first time in three months.
Scotland, Switzerland draw 1-1 in Group A of Euro 2024
The Scottish national team and its Swiss counterpart drew 1-1 in the match that brought them together at the Rheinenergy Stadion, within Group A of Euro 2024, currently being held in Germany.
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Al-Arada launches First Medical Conference in Marib
[25/05/2024 12:28]

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council, the Governor of Marib Major General Sultan al-Arada, announced Saturday the establishment of a medical city in Marib Governorate, which will include, in addition to the Marib General Hospital Authority and specialized centers, a university hospital affiliated with the College of Medicine at the University of the Saba'a Region.

He indicated that the College of Medicine and the University Hospital will be built with funding from the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen.

This came in his speech during the opening session of the First Medical Conference entitled "Medical Research: A Contemporary Necessity" organized by the College of Medicine at the University of the Saba Region in partnership with the Yemeni Council for Medical and Health Specialties in Marib Governorate.

"The holding of the medical conference, which brings together an elite of senior academics, doctors and researchers from various governorates of the Republic, is an important event in light of the exceptional conditions experienced by our country since the Houthi terrorist militias took control of state institutions and the overthrow of the capital Sana'a" said al-Arada.

The militia is going to restore the trilogy of poverty, ignorance and disease through their looting of resources and war on the national economy, systematic destruction of educational institutions and deliberate ignorance of generations, depriving them of their right to education, militarization of schools and universities, as well as the disruption of health facilities and services, he added.

He called on everyone to redouble efforts to confront these practices that target the homeland and the citizen in all governorates, and to resist those actions that undermine the present and the future.

"Education and learning are the mainstay of our comprehensive national battle, the driving force for change and the strengthening of national values, and the effective tool for achieving political, social and economic stability," he said.

He stressed the importance of academic qualification to build a generation capable of facing the challenges of the future, and to prepare scientifically and professionally qualified cadres capable of contributing effectively to the development and advancement of society, and to establish the foundations of scientific research in a way that supports the efforts of students and researchers to discover the new and provide innovative solutions to the existing problems in various vital sectors.

Al-Aradah pointed out that the upgrading of the health sector is a top priority for the political leadership and the government, which is working to build a strong and sustainable health system capable of meeting the needs of citizens, by providing the necessary resources to support scientific research and medical training, developing hospitals and health facilities, and improving medical services, as well as preparing medical personnel who contribute to addressing the challenges of modern health care and keeping pace with the rapid developments in the field of medicine.

Al-Arada pointed out that holding of the first medical conference at the University of the Saba'a Region, which is entering its eighth year of scientific and academic progress, reflects its commitment to promoting science, knowledge, and developing skills and capabilities.

It also emphasizes the university's dedication to fulfilling its educational, research, and community service functions, as well as instilling the values of social and ethical responsibility in the minds of students, he said.

The university is not just a place for study, but a nurturing environment for creativity, innovation, and achieving sustainable development. The text commends the continuous efforts of the University of the Sabaa Region towards achieving academic and scientific excellence.

The President of the University of the Saba'a Region and the Chairman of the Medical Conference, Dr. Mohammad Hamoud al-Qadasi, emphasized that the medical conference is the result of joint efforts between the University of the Saba'a Region and the Yemeni Medical Specialties Council, with the aim of producing recommendations that reflect the importance of medical research and enable the challenges to be addressed with a high degree of expertise and objectivity, in accordance with a scientific approach that ensures the quality of medical education and the outputs of the College of Medicine.

The President of the University of Abyan Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Maisari, in his speech on universities, noted that the holding of the medical conference in these difficult circumstances is an achievement for the University of the Saba'a Region and Marib Governorate.

It will provide recommendations for proposed solutions to many health problems, from which Yemeni universities will benefit, he said.

Civilian injured by Houthi Militia's artillery shelling South of Hodeidah
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