Houthi militias snipers shoot civilians in Taiz for fun during Eid al-Fitr
Iran-backed Terrorist Houthi militias' snipers reported to have continued to shoot the fellow citizens in the besieged city of Taiz for fun during the blessed Eid al-Fitr.
BRUSSELS: European Parliament Urges Lifting Schengen Land Border Controls for Bulgaria, Romania
The European Parliament (EP) on Wednesday called for lifting Schengen land border controls for Bulgaria and Romania by the end of 2024. Air and sea border controls were scrapped on March 31, 2024.
Chinese car sales surges 26.4 percent in the first quarter of 2024
Sales of passenger cars of Chinese brands increased by 26.4 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2024 as some 3.39 million vehicles were sold during the mentioned period.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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New group of 32nd national Antarctic expedition leaves
[08/01/2024 01:45]
A new group of the 32nd National Antarctic Expedition has left Sofia Airport for Rome en route to Buenos Aires, Rio Gallegos, Punta Arenas, King George Island and Livingston Island. The Bulgarian News Agency said the team comprises Assoc. Prof.

Boris Tzankov, a consultant on a new water and sewerage line in the area of the Bulgarian Antarctic Base, logistician Oleg Vassilev, BTA journalist Emil Granicharov, cook Ivaylo Yankov, mechanic Milcho Dundakov, geologist Ralitsa Sabeva, marine biologist Tihomir Stefanov and physicist Tsvetan Parov.

The team will fly on January 11 to King George Island, adjacent to Livingston Island where the Bulgarian Antarctic Base is located and is expected to arrive at the Bulgarian Base around January 12-13 and to begin work, said Prof. Hristo Pimpirev, head of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute.

BRUSSELS: European Parliament Urges Lifting Schengen Land Border Controls for Bulgaria, Romania
Bulgarian research vessel returns from polar expedition
Parliament establishes Council for Coordination of Policies for Bulgarians Abroad
Pending on parliament approval, tuition fees may be scrapped in Bulgarian state universities
SOFIA: Climate Change Could Exacerbate Risk of Water Scarcity in Vulnerable Areas in Bulgarian, Scientists Say
BTA a special guest at "News Agencies in the Era of Digital Innovation" conference in Tokyo
Bulgaria: GERB party authorizes its leader to propose coalition agreement to its partner in the government
More trips of Bulgarians' traveling abroad, and foreigner visiting Bulgaria in December
Bulgaria: EU-backed Project to Assess Impact of Digital Transformation and Green Transition
Bulgarian PM commends his country's progress in fighting corruption

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