Defense Minister inspects First Marine Brigade in Socotra
Minister of Defense (Lt Gen) Mohssen Mohammed Ad'airi along with General Chief of Staff, Commander of Joint Operations (Lt Gen) Saghir Hamood bin Aziz, Governor Socotra Eng. Ra'fat Athaqali and the Commander of Support and Sustaining in Arab Coalition Maj. General Sultan al-Baqmi paid an inspection visit today, Monday, to the First Marine Brigade stationed in the Archipelagos of Socotra to inspect the situations of the Brigade's troops.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
AIRBUS announces € 4.2 billion net profits in 2022
The European Company for planes manufacturing (AIRBUS) announced that its net profits in 2022 came to € 4.2 billion, with an increase of 1 percent over 2021.
Argentina wins the 2022 World Cup after defeating France
The Argentine national team was crowned champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after defeating its French counterpart, by penalty shootouts, by four goals to two in the match that brought them together, this evening, Sunday, at Lusail Stadium, after the end of the original and extra time, in a positive tie with three goals for both teams.
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Political parties call for integration around government, face sectarian plots
[14/10/2018 03:41]


The political parties have called the Yemeni people inside and outside the homeland to unify their fronts around the government and raise alert to face splitting plots aiming at the deviation of the national struggle and changing it from clashes for regaining the state and building the federal state into sectarian and regional splitting the national unity.

This call has been included in a joint release issued by the political parties on Sunday. These parties are the General People Congress, the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, the Yemeni Socialist Party, the Unionist Popular Nasserite Party, the Southern Peaceful Movement, the Justices and Construction Party, Yemeni Rashad Union, al-Nahdah Movement for Peaceful Change, the National Solidarity Party, the People Forces Union, Arab Socialist Ba'th Party, Peace and Development Party and the Republican Party.

In the release issued on the occasion of the two revolutions the 26th of September and 14th of October, the parties confirmed that the battle for liberty and regaining the Yemeni state is still strong and associated with struggle values carried by the 14th of October Revolution for realizing the revolution's objectives of liberation, equality, social justice and national unity.

" The continuation of the war imposed by rebels dragged the country into a state of darkness of suffering under which the living and economic conditions have been complicated and reached critical levels … and rebel militias are shouldering the responsibility and are behind the destruction, spread of diseases, wasting capabilities and country's human and material energies, violating rights and freedoms of citizens, eruption of suppression, kidnapping and forcibly disappearance, illegal killing, recruiting child soldiers and committing violent practices and barbaric suppression against peaceful protesters, the recent incident has been kidnapping male and female students from Sana'a University," said the release.

The political parties also held the rebel militias responsible on halting political process over their seizure of the state's resources, seizing salaries, hampering the basic services and depleting the state's reserve and transferring it to their war effort.

The parties called for unifying the national front against the coup through finding a strategy agreed upon by the government and the countries of the Arab Coalition for unifying responsibilities and mechanism of joint work, protecting peer-to-peer relations between Yemen and the countries of the Arab Coalition, keeping the liberated areas under the management of the government and unifying all military and security forces under the government in the framework of commitment of restoring the legality and protecting national sovereignty of Yemen.

They also called for continuation of all sorts of struggle against the rebel militias and in the meantime proceeding with peace efforts sponsored by the United Nations in accordance with the initiative made by President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi before the UN General Assembly last September.

The parties and political organizations confirmed that the permanent peace is the peace which is based on ending Houthi coup and restoring the state's institutions and resumption of political process in accordance with the three references; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the UN Security Council's Resolution 2216 and other relevant resolutions.

They stressed restricting weapons only under the state, transfer for building the federal, modern and democratic state and deep-rooting values of social and national co-existence.

The political parties called for improving and boosting the performance of the authority and reforming its mechanism and activating the role of the government through regaining the principle of partnership and compatibility in accordance to the Gulf Initiative and outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference.

The parties demanded taking active economic and financial measures for stopping the collapse of the price of the rial, ending mobilization of oil derivatives, re-operating the National Oil Company and Aden Refineries, agreeing with the Arab Coalition on helping the government to resume production of oil and gas and exporting them as a main source for supplying the general budget of the state, ending obstacles hindering the operation of Aden Port and other ports in liberated provinces and committing all provinces to transfer their revenues to the Central Bank of Yemen.

The parties confirmed necessity of normalizing security conditions in liberated provinces, mainly the transitional capital Aden and put an end to the assassinations targeting military commanders, activists and mosque preachers.

The political parties called for forming an investigation committee for investigating assassinations and unearthing their perpetrators and parties standing behind them.

Defense Minister inspects First Marine Brigade in Socotra
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