Government reiterates its support for all regional, international efforts to establish peace
The Yemeni Government has insisted that restoring the state's institutions is an utmost priority and ultimate goal of any endeavors to reach a political settlement without discrimination or exclusion and ensure a brighter future for all Yemenis.
BRUSSELS: European Parliament Urges Lifting Schengen Land Border Controls for Bulgaria, Romania
The European Parliament (EP) on Wednesday called for lifting Schengen land border controls for Bulgaria and Romania by the end of 2024. Air and sea border controls were scrapped on March 31, 2024.
Chinese car sales surges 26.4 percent in the first quarter of 2024
Sales of passenger cars of Chinese brands increased by 26.4 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2024 as some 3.39 million vehicles were sold during the mentioned period.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Political parties say Aden clashes play into Iranian agenda
[29/01/2018 02:08]

Yemen's political parties and groups said on Sunday that the clashes which occurred in the country's temporary capital earlier in the day play into the Iranian agenda.

Forces loyalist to the separatist Transitional Council and Security Belt of Aden mounted attacks against the presidential guards and sparked skirmishesthat killed and injured dozens as the as the formersought to seize buildings in the city on Sunday.

The turmoil prompted condemnations from Yemen's major nine political parties including the Islah, Nasserite Unionist Party and the Southern Movement who said reject "any calls for coup against the constitutional legitimacy of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and undermining the state institutions."

In a statement of which Saba received a copy, the parties said "the regrettable events witnessed in the temporary capital Adensabotage the efforts spent by the Arab Coalition and "playinto the Iranian agenda in the region."

The parties said the Council's statement on 21 January 2018,declation of emergency,and formation of parallel security institutions pushed the situation into a tense atmosphere and sparked the military confrontation.

The Parties called for containing the tensions in Aden and on the Arab Coalition to support President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's leadership and the government to strenghthen the state institutions and merge the security apparatuses in the city under one leadership.

At the same time the parties said it understands the fair demands of all factions in the country and all the drivers of conflict, but resolving them comes by restoring the overall state first, not by escalating things and complicating them further.

The Parties concluded by called on all stakeholders and political actors to unify their ranks behind the state to counter the Iranian threat to our country and restore the state.

Government reiterates its support for all regional, international efforts to establish peace
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