Foreign Minister stresses necessity of addressing international security challenges
Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Ahmad BinMubarak has emphasized significance of addressing international security challenges by the Future Summit and necessity of respecting the sovereignty of states and non-interferences in their internal affairs.
UN approves first international treaty to protect high seas
The United Nations announced the adoption of the first ever treaty to protect marine life in the high seas on Monday, in a landmark environmental agreement designed to protect remote ecosystems essential to humanity.
Six countries join BRICS Grouping
Leaders of the BRICS countries China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa announced the expansion of the grouping to include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt , the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, , Ethiopia, Iran as new members at a news conference during its 15th Summit in Johannesburg on Thursday.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Security authorities arrest terror cell in Mukalla

Release of 198 Yemeni fishermen detained by the Eritrean authorities

Mahra authorities lift curfew, retain covid-19 precautionary measures

Socotra authorities warns against venturing into coasts, plains over cyclone

Iraqi Kurdistan authorities release 20 Yemeni prisoners

Mahrah health authorities receive covid-19 test kits grant

Marib authorities force26 unlicensed money exchangersto close

North Yemen local authorities condemn separatists coup attempt

Lahj security authorities seize explosives in a farm

Lahj security authorities seize explosives in a farm

Aden authorities discuss rehabilitating buildings affected by Thursday's terror bombing

Memo of understanding to develop local authorities signed in Sayoon

Egyptian authorities express readiness to release Yemeni fishermen

Oil Minister directs authorities to facilitate investments in minerals

Fatah directs local authorities to face tropical depression

Taiz authorities approve strict measures to contain coronavirus

Moroccan Ambassador: Stability only will be re-established in Yemen by reinstating official authorities

Coordination between military and local authorities discussed

Marib authorities support govt measures to secure Aden

Lahj authorities form emergency panel over expected cyclone

Security authorities arrest a terrorist cell in Ataq

General prosecution oversees law-enforcement authorities' action

Marib authorities launch tailoring course for 30 female IDPs

Outcomes of talks with Saudi authorities about Yemeni expats' status reviewed

Fatah confirms political leadership's care on providing support to local authorities

Hadhramout authorities approve additional precautionary measures against covid-19

Taiz authorities brace for possible corona infections with prevention measures

Turkish authorities extend stay for Yemeni nationals

Minister Fatah confirms government keenness on supporting local authorities

Hadhramout authorities, relief aid organization sign cash for work program

Fatah confirms government's keenness on supporting local authorities

Security authorities hunting for Lahoud's killer, Govt officials tell ICRC's Batallas

Minister of Defense urges reinvigorating military rules enforcement authorities

Mahrah authorities deploy coast guards to prevent smuggling

Yemen's Parliament condemns Zionist occupation authorities' crimes against Palestinians

Marib authorities discuss clampdown on hard currency smuggling to Houthi militants

Hadi orders Hadhramout authorities, local people to team up in consolidating security

PM sets up a committee to communicate with Saudi authorities about Yemeni expatriates' issues

PM directs Aden authorities to take urgent measures on twin terror blasts

Foreign Ministry condemns recurrent permission of the Swedish authorities to offend the Holy Quran

Fatah directs local authorities to make operational rooms to follow up cyclone

Fatah calls on UNICEF and WHO to partner with local authorities to address cholera

UN: Sana'a authorities hinder efforts of humanitarian partners

UN: Sana'a authorities hinder efforts of humanitarian partners

Prime Minister directs local authorities prepare suggested budgets

Security not achievable under authorities of multiple loyalties, says PM

Hadhramout authorities discuss preparations for cyclone Mkono

President: We succeed in activating government's accounts abroad, completed authorities

MOU signed between Yemeni and Egyptian medicines authorities

Marib authorities, Safer discuss domestic gas production, marketing

Yemen's Ambassador hands over UK authorities file on antiquities

Aden seaport authorities deny ammonium nitrate is stored at the port

Authorities discuss draft response to oil spill from decaying Safer tanker

Saudi Authorities allow Yemenis in via al-Wadi'a outlet

Marib authorities to shut down unlicensed money exchange businesses

VP: Military and Securities authorities make protecting civilians top priority

PM urges further efforts to reinstate financial, administrative authorities, basic services in Hodeidah

Hajjah authorities declare Kushar an afflicted zone

Authorities warns of closing illegal money exchange stores in Mareb

Marib authorities study continuing flow of IDPs, meeting their demands

VP urges official media to concentrate on eliminating Houthi militia's coup, reinstating legitimate authorities.

Vice Chairman of Presidential Council Tariq Saleh meets authorities in West Coast districts

President Hadi: With the country re-union, Yemeni people stepped over colonial's and theocratic authorities desire

Cholera death toll climbs to 48 in Aden

Fatah directs taking precautionary measures regarding tropical depression

Minister of Culture, GAA discuss re-importing of smuggled relics

PM orders zero-tolerance measures toward corruption

Yemen's Marib closes entry points, declares 11-hour curfew over coronavirus

PM urges invigorating monitoring institutions' role in controlling corruption

VP meets governors of Marib and Taiz

Efforts made in Aden to restore prestige of judiciary

Discussions to open customs office in Marib

Joint team work commences field visits to assess situations in government-held provinces, says minister

Al-Arradah: Don't forget that Houthi militia still firring missiles on this city

President al-Alimi urges invigorating courts, prosecutions

Culture Minister appreciates Omani prevention of artifacts smuggling

PM urges computerizing judiciary through electronic judicial system

Fatah calls for relieving the people affected by floods in Hudramout

Abyan Governor, Care discuss distribution of relief

Abyan Governor, Care discuss distribution of relief

International Federation of Journalists

PM follow up ongoing efforts to manage Pavan cyclone's effects in Socotara

Yemen, UNDP discuss projects of supporting local authority's capacity-building

PM urges reinvigorating Local Administration's role

VP calls on Taiz leaders to arrest troublemakers in the city

OCHA's inspects humanitarian situation in Taiz

PM inaugurates electricity station in Mocha

Coordination between Judiciary and COCA

PM calls for unifying security services in Aden

PM stresses government's keenness to develop performance of all CSOs

Al-Kamal meets with Saudi Deputy Minister of Labor

VP urges easing procedures, better services for Yemeni pilgrims

VP urges active action by Endowments and Guidance Offices

Yemeni official, DRC discuss interventions in Lahj

Japan invites Yemen to participate in UN Conference on Crime Prevention

President Hadi personally follows Yemeni expats problem in kSA, says minister

Fatah: Marib has become the safe haven for Yemen's most IDPs

Local Administration's Action-Plans discussed

PM orders quick action against dengue fever spike in Taiz

Palestinian Presidency warns of the danger of Israeli escalation in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Aden Governor, UNHCR discuss refugee issues

PM, governors of Ibb, Dhamar discuss security issues

Industry Ministry, WFP discuss results of field visits to WFP warehouses in Aden

PM inspects damages caused by floods in Aden

Yemen values Malaysian measures regarding citizens

FM meets with Kuwaiti Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior

Local Administration Minister, UN official discuss implementing sustainable development projects

Fatah: UN's agencies, international organizations key partner in humanitarian actions

Yemen Minister says US intends to provide Yemen with 504,000 anti-coronavirus vaccines

Turkey distributes food packages for poor families in Aden

President Hadi urges judiciary reform

Taiz governor updates Hadi on campaign to crack down on criminals

Yemen: Police arrest two Houthi terrorist cells responsible for car bombings in Taiz

Amb. Adoais protests to Lebanon Information Minister about sectarian rhetoric of Almasirah, Assahat TVs

Yemen denounces OCHA's meetings for discussing relief projects

PM directs strike with iron fist against those who target the nation

Meeting chaired by Local Administration Minister discusses strengthening local governance

New NGO holds workshop on assassinations in Aden

Yemen governorates condemn STC self-rule announcement

Taiz governor stresses needfor internal unity against Houthi rebel militia

PM presides over meeting on tax, custom reforms

Minister of Local Administration, UNDP discuss prospects for joint cooperation

Al-Aghbari discusses with local partners implementation of UNDP projects

Vice President values Saudi facilitations to Yemeni Hajjis

Fatah calls on International organizations to dispatch rescue teams to help governorates affected by floods

Planning ministry organizes meeting on adoption of data about IDPs

Al-Aghbari discusses with Arab League's representative qualifying Yemeni cadre

Al-Ruaini: The federal state ensures just shares of power and wealth

PM discusses with governors economic, service challenges

The PLC convenes joint session with the government, governors

President al-Alimi seeks international support to fight terrorism

FM directs embassy help Yemeni bus crash victims in Oman

Earthquake hitsYemeni coasts

Taiz Governor directs referring COCA's reports to finance prosecution

Yemen, Morocco hold consultative meeting on anti-corruption

Presidential Council continues to discuss developments in economic, service reforms

VP suggests more efforts to improve security severces

IMF denies making statements about the Central Bank and the Yemeni economy

Al-Mikhlafi orders providing gas to all Yemeni people

Ba-Humaid discusses Yemeni community's situations in Malaysia

Leadership Council chair meets PM, central bank governor, and Finance Minister

Egypt releases 10 Yemeni fishermen

SPDRY grants four water cisterns to Hadhramout

PM, chief of Justice discuss progress in Judiciary

SPDRY supports electricity, water projects in Hadhramout

Yemen retrieves three artifacts dates back to the Fifth BC

PM: Govt interested in all provinces

Arab resolution under item 10 fruit of different parties' efforts, CMHRV says

Major Al-Zabaidi reviews results of the report of the investigation committee on Shabwa events

President presides over exceptional meeting to Supreme Judiciary Council

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