President to the People: We are committed to power, wealth partnership, determined to end scarified governance centers
President of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi emphasized that the anniversary of Yemeni Unity on May 22, 1990 will remain a revered occasion surrounded by appreciation.
BAKU-AZERBAIJAN: Bulgaria, Azerbaijan Sign Declaration of Strategic Partnership
Presidents Rumen Radev of Bulgaria and Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan signed a declaration on strategic partnership between the two countries in Baku on Wednesday.
Gallup poll shows 63% of working Bulgarians satisfied with their jobs
About 63% of working Bulgarians are satisfied with their jobs, 12% are dissatisfied, and 22% stand somewhere in-between, shows a survey conducted by the Gallup International polling agency, which was published on Tuesday.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Houthis kill two women, injuring 13 people on shelling displaced camp in Khoukha

ICRC announces killing employee, injuring, missing others in Aden's attack

NCTIAVHR documents 245 breaches, including 23 killing, injuring cases during UN truce

Killing, injuring four students by Houthi militia's drone western Taiz

HRA: Houthi militia caused killing, injuring 14000 children in Yemen

YCMHRV condemns Houthi killing and injuring of 20 civilians in Taiz

NGOs condemn Houthi killing and injuring of civilians in Beidha

Houthi-Saleh militias shell Harib Marib houses injuring civilians

Houthi militia commits genocide in Hajjah, killing 8, injuring 27

Houthis injure child and adult in shelling on government-held city

Houthis injure child and adult in shelling on government-held city

Report: 266 Houthi abuses in one week

Marib: Death toll from latest Houthi terror attack rises to 10

Rights Radar demands UN probe into risks of constant Houthi targeted attacks on civilians

Three civilians injured among them child by Houthis' drone assault in Marib

Terrorist cell in Shabwa arrested

Govt spokesman condemns twin terror attack in Aden

CSOs condemn "shameful"international silencefor Houthi crimes in Taiz

Head of Arab Parliament denounces recent Houthi genocide in Hodeida

HRITC documents 70 violations in Taiz during October

HRITC: Militias killed, injured 89 people in Taiz on July

Houthi militias' war-crimes against the people of Hajour tribe—Report

Three civilians killed in Houthi shelling in Taiz

Houthi militias blamed for 91 violations of the UN-brokered truce

US Department of State condemns attacks on the Yemeni government in Aden

Aden Health Ministry office condemns assassination attempt against physician

Hadi condoles relatives of officerskilled in Houthi terror attack

Two children injured by Houthi landmine in southeastern Yemen's Shabwa

Houthis commit 883 breaches since declaration of ceasefire on Dec. 18

Yemen condoles Turkey on victims of mine explosion

Yemen expresses condolences to Algeria over wildfires

Houthi ballistic missile hits Marib neighborhood, injures four civilians

Yemen condemns the terrorist attack in the Somali capital

Saleh-Houthi snipers kill three civilians in Taiz

One villager critically injured, houses damaged in Houthi attack in central Yemen

Houthis shell Taiz heavily, injure eight new children

Two women killed by Houthi bombing their house western Taiz

Houthi missile crushes home, kills entire family in Taiz

The government condemns the terrorist attack on Abyan security checkpoint

Yemen expresses solidarity with bothers in Syria, Turkey over earthquake

Foreign ministry expresses solidarity with Saudi towards everything that threat its security

Houthis fire ballistic missile on girls school in Khawkha

Up to 26 violations committed by Houthis in Hodeida on December 21, 22

Foreign Ministry offers condolences to Somalia over ammunition explosion in Mogadishu

Houthi militias blamed for 115 breaches of the UN-brokered truce within 2 days

IC must mount pressure on Houthi militia to make peace, says minister

Shabwa security committee says will crack down on terrorists

Yemen condemns van attack in Toronto

Woman killed, child injured by Houthi militia's mine in Jawf

Army kills at least 17 militants in repelling continued Houthi attacks on Marib

Yemen condemns terrorist bombing targeted the down town of Istanbul

Houthis kill boy, injure girl in city they should have leftby now

Houthis kill, injure 15 villagers in Yemen's north

Yemen rights network notarizes 4282 violations committed by Houthis against women

Houthis responsible for most of 1592 civilian casualties, says local watchdog

Houthi militias responsible for 288 violations of the UN-brokered truce within 3 days

Legal Affairs and Human Rights Ministry condemns Abyan terrorist crime

Houthi militants shell Taiz hospital, injure a guard

MPs condemn Houthi ballistic missile attack on school in central Yemen city

Mustafa informs Belgium foreign ministry on Houthi crimes against civilians

Houthi militia kidnaps 11 persons, from Baidha'a

Security forces besiege terrorists in Criminal Investigation Department

Houthis' drones attack on mosque kill one civilian, hurt three in Hodeidah

Al-Eryani calls on int'l community to listen to Yemeni demands for Houthi terror designation

Houthi militias made 185 breaches of the UN-brokered truces within two days

Houthi shell injures four citizens among them children Eastern Taiz

Six children killed, injured by Houthi militia shelling on Taiz City

Eleven civilian casualties by Houthi shellson Hodeidah neighborhoods

Washington denounces Houthi attack on Bahrain Defense Forces

Six women injured as Houthis shell IDPs camps

Sah Corporation denounces Houthi snipping activists Reham, Saeed in Taiz

Popular protest in Taiz calls for stopping genocide war on Gaza

Army repels Houthi attack in Marib, kills 40 militants

CSOs condemn Houthi bombing of civilians' homes in Baydhaa governorate

Al-Eryani condemns Houthi militia for slaughtering Taiz children

Army repels Houthi fierce attack in Marib, kills 60 militants

Masam removes 965 mines mid of August

Yemen condemns terrorist attack in Sinai

Nasher discusses with Cuban official latest developments in Yemen

Houthi militia targets homes in Hodeida

Al-Awadhi informs Kenyan FM on Aden's terrorist attack

Hadi arrives in Riyadh

Yemen condemns Darazah village bombing in Bahrain

Army spokesman: Houthis go too far in targeting civilians in defiance of int'l community

Hadi condoles US counterpart over Texas shooting

One soldier killed, many injured in Taiz by Houthi militias' attacks

Al-Eryani condemns Houthis ballistic missiles attacks on Marib city

New Houthi massacre:9 civilians killed and injured in besieged Taiz

Six children injured by Houthi shelling on DP's camp in Marib

Over 10,000 Houthi violations against civilians in one province in 4 years

Health Minister visitspolice copswounded in Aden terror attack

Houthi militias' attacks on IDPs must be internationally condemned, says minister

Child killed, another injured by Houthi mine in Jawf

Saleh-Houthi missile injures two children in Sharar village in Lahj

Houthi rebels kill woman, hurt her espouse in Taiz

Houthi militia's attacks on Sport facilities need to be internationally condemned ,says minister

Yemen denounces terror attack on Russia

One civilian killed, 5 others wounded in Houthi missile attack on Marib

Al-Iryani denounces Houthi militia's shelling female wedding in Hodeida

Three pupils injured by Houthi militia's drone attack on a school in Marib

Houthi militiamen kill one more woman in Albaidh governorate.

Al-Eryani condemns Houthi militia's attack on fuel station in Marib city

National Commission inspects Taiz mine victims

Yemen gov’t surprised over UN silence at Houthi migrant immolation crime

Al-Iryani denounces Houthi militia's bombardment of commercial compound

National Investigation Committee probes shelling, landmines explosions in Taiz

Yemen condemns the Israeli occupation troops' attacks on Jenin

Jawf right committee condemns planting mines by Houthi militia, killing innocent

Info. Minister condemns Houthi attack on civilians in Marib

Ambassador briefs Moroccan SP on Houthi crimes against Yemen civilians

Two children, one young man injured by Houthis-laid down landmine in Taiz

Yemen denounces Iran's shelling on Kurdistan Iraq

"MASAM" removes 1,616 Houthi mines during the fourth week of January

Yemen condemns terrorist attack on Abha airport

Yemen condemns Israeli occupiers' strike on al-Fakhura School in Gaza

Masam project removes 2500 landmines from Yemen in May's third week

Info. Minister condemns Houthi militia's attacks on Marib suburban zones

Houthis kill one more woman today in Taiz

NCIVHR investigates into Houthi militia's attack on al-Ahli Club in Taiz

Militia committed 267 violations against human rights defenders, report

Houthis shell IDP camp again, injure two children and two women

Heartbreaking funeral for Houthis shelling victims in Marib

The NCIAHR inspects damages caused by Houthis' ballistic missiles Thursday attacks on civilians

Mass demonstrations to denounce the Israeli occupation crimes

Four civilians killed, six injured by Houthis' missile attack on a market in Shabwa

Fact finding team assigned to handle Friday's attack in Taiz

Security officials set up investigation panel into Aden terror attack

Al-Iryani: Houthi militia pulls teachers to warfronts

FM offers condolences to his Cuban counterpart on the victims of Havana hotel explosion

PM condemns terror attack that targeted Egypt mosque

Report: Houthis committed over 19,000 rights violations in Amran in 4 years

Children protest over Houthi massacre against civilians in Yemen's Marib

Al-Eryani denounces Houthi militia's shelling houses in Hais, Hodeida

Report: 5143 violations by Houthi militia against civilians in Albaidh

Houthi militiamen kill 6 civilians, hurt 7 more in Taiz

Three children injured by Houthi terrorist militias' attack on civilians in Taiz

Arman: Houthi militia's escalation in Marib killed, injured hundreds of families

Yemen denounces terrorist attack targeted Tunisian guard patrol

ational Committee for Investigations probes into 221 incidents of violations in October

US, UK denounce Houthi militia's escalation in Taiz, Marib, Shabwah

Mujalli: Houthi militia's shelling houses, war crime will not pass unpunished

Houthi militiamen kill a child, hurt his brother in Taiz

Parliament condemns Hothis militia's escalation in Marib, Hadhramout

Two children injured by Houthi militias' shelling on civilians in Taiz city

VP inspects Houthi attack on Marib's mosque

More than 500 Houthi civilian abuses in 10 days

NCIAVHR makes field investigation on killing civilians in Taiz

Hodeidah: Houthis kill,injure family and, in double tap shelling, helpers

National Investigation Committee reports about 3400 violations in 2022

Shura Council: Houthis a copy of their ancestors' bloody picture

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